Attacks On Whites In The Moot Valley – Seven Attempted Invasions In One Night !!

People please be ALERT ! The paw-paw has hit the fan.

Last night seven invasions took place in the street bordering my lower boundary in the Moot Valley. A group of 20 was involved.  Seven have been arrested… the rest are still on the run.

This morning at  01.45 am, I heard a commotion.  I got up and randomly switched on lights around the house and flushed the toilet.  This is a sign to the thugs that you are wide awake.

Everything went quiet at this point but at 04:30 am the story repeated itself…

Burnt CD’s and pelts were found at all of the seven houses involved, but fortunately, our bedrooms are on the first floor.  This poses a problem to the thugs as the only way in is through the door or windows on the ground level… alarms…  and that is why we are still alive!!


By: Monica Espero

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