Physically disciplining your children? A total ban is now one step closer

China lifts ban on rhino trade, sparking conservation fears! Were this one of the deals that Cyril made with China, what else are they going to steal from us? – China Africa!

Pick ’n Pay once again in hot water, this time after outrage over “The Maid” and “The Gardner” mugs

So called experts say that there is NO evidence of ‘white genocide’ in SA!

Here are the most infamous clients Pete Mihalik has represented, now one can only wonder, was this a professional hit?

SAPS and politicians blame the upsurge in crime in SA to immigrants‚ unemployment and gangs – Once again a great big thanks to the ANC!

Nedlac (National Economic Development and Labour Council) says ‘yes’ to strike by all members of Solidarity

ANC regime causes unemployment rate of 27.5% with a total unemployed rate currently at about 6.2 million people during their reign

The Dros rape saga: #NotInMyName says Nicholas Ninow “intends to plead insanity”, will this plea hold?

New Study Shows Escalating civil cases against private hospitals due to nursing malpractice

Spectramed and Resolution Health merge to form Health Squared Medical Scheme

Second farm attack occur within minutes, man assaulted, Koffiespruit

End goal of ANC-regime is to turn SA into a Communist – Socialist state

Goverment spent R30m on three state funerals this year. What kind of parties are they having on our money just to say goodbye to their dead and making their ancestors rich!

BLF: “Land of Death” Innocent children indoctrinated with violence, hate and destruction at SA-school –How on earth can this be allowed?