Facebook goes full Fascist in defence of Totalitarian Islam and the European / US Invasion by 3rd world migrants

Racist UNHCR. Why do white asylum seekers have to prove persecution yet non-whites are just accepted and given residence or citizenship?

Lest We Be Made To Forget… The Brainwashing Awards – The 2016 DURANTY AWARDS for HISTORICAL DISTORTIONS IN FILM

How USA, UK, EU Create Refugees Sending Africa Into Dark Ages with Slavery, Kidnapping, Rape, Torture, Human Trafficking

SA Parliament passes law to confiscate property and land from whites despite warnings.

Hypocritical, Racist, Undemocratic ANC Regime says Zuma won’t go and that racists are not welcome in SA. Huh?

Civil War In South Africa! When works of art are burnt in the streets, the communists want war…