3 Options for Europeans Worldwide: Have Babies, Build Walls or Hang your Leaders and Mass Media for High Treason

Was SA President, Zuma, high on Marijuana in Parliament with his uncontrolled giggling or was it Arrogant Dictatorial Totalitarianism?

Challenge to SA Blacks: Victimhood or Nationhood. Stop Cashing in on Apartheid Victimhood, and Hold a Referendum on Nationhood

Africans and Chinese too are guilty of massive Colonisation and unspeakable Crimes against Humanity

Wake up, Europe: Russia is not the Enemy, your EU Leader’s Obedience to US Foreign Policy is!

Racist, traitorous, anti-white EU leaders hold sham migration summit with their African partners in Crimes against Humanity

Exposed: Allies, UK & USA, behind islamic invasion of Germany and Austria. World War 2 again?

Video: 4 Black Killer Cops Kill a Disarmed, Wounded Fugitive, Who Had Fired 8 Shots at Them in Failed Robbery