LESS African Languages Published Now Than During Apartheid. Institutional Genocide By English and ANC in SA

Two black cops rape white guy in public, “because he was white”, according to victim.

“5,000 Zimbabweans flee to South Africa every day”. SA needs refugee camps NOT “unity”.

“Gat kruiping ANC’s Rubbish Education is training Racist and Sexist BARBARIANS” – Jansen, FreeSate Uni

ANC Regime slams USA, UK and EU as it blindly follows China into a collectivist totalitarian future.

WHY is USA, UK and EU still giving Mugabe Billions despite his human rights abuses and hostility to the West?

Marikana 3 years on: STILL no police suspended or charged! While Amnesty slams Zuma, 275 survivors claim R3 Million each!

Is China behind Farm Murders in SA too? “Heroes”, trained by China, who “killed whites like flies”. Is China STILL conducting a war against whites in Africa?

How UK & USA Governments aggressively vilify Apartheid South Africa yet commit torture and forced removal crimes themselves

Milkman Telling you to Buy a Cow? Eskom Issues Recommendations on what Generator to Buy!