Arch Communist Nzimande calls for Marxist EFF to be Killed Off. Democracy now irrelevent in Totalitarian South Africa

Sri Lankan Civil Societies Outraged at South Africa’s Failure to Arrest Bashir Especially after SA helped “design” Sri Lanka’s Reconciliation process!

Mandela, Killer of Nations: Atheist, Marxist, Terrorist, New World Order poster boy, Black Pope, Communist Mass Murderer, Abortionist, Role-player…

China tells Ramaphosa to stay out of arrest of Vodacom boss’ family for terrorism. “African Way” does not work in China…

SACP, the largest Communist Party, has never won a single vote. Will they now come out and step off ANC shoulders?

Angolans resent Imperial China Colonising their country, causing Angola to increase police force to suppress dissent.

What to look for in banking phishing email scams to prevent being robbed.

“Liberal Privilege” won’t save white liberals from being stabbed almost 40 times by black strangers for a phone.

“My Little Pony” cartoon slams Equality and Marxism and Illustrates its inherent Evil. Parents & Kids Must Watch

Queen Salivates over Britain’s Ill Gotten Gold Reserves. All those Wars and Murders Reduced To: “Very interesting, isn’t it?”

Lesotho’s former Army Chief assassinated by Soldiers – USA surprisingly takes note and is “Deeply Concerned”.