Blacks had FREE university under Apartheid, whites had to pay. Apartheid Black education was much better than now.

Martin Bosma: “Netherlands, look at the plight of the Afrikaners: the same fate awaits you”

3 Days left to object to SACP/ANC taking custodianship of ALL Agricultural land in South Africa!

EXPOSED! Zulu vs Xhosa infighting in ANC and Zuma’s childhood Marxism teacher predicts SA regime change or subdivision & IMF bailout

Brazilian starts Petition to get European South Africans the Right to Return to Europe causing UK’s Express to be xenophobic!

ANC’s Genocidal Social Engineering denies bursaries to non-African language teachers

Exposed: Proof South Africa is a major Human Trafficking Destination & Transit country where SA passports are easy!

Helen Zille is gone, ANC is a murderous joke. Time for an Independent Cape NOW?

China declares war on Muslims. Xenophobia the non-violent authoritarian way.

Naspers (News24) quietly implements two inhouse communistic changes. Influenced from China, it’s biggest market?

Death toll in “Xenophobia” revised down to only 4. Zuma and gang taken to court by Zimbabweans

News24 removes reports of Farm Murders from its website and Police do not log them either.