Mandela’s Zombies skin Zimbabwean’s manhood alive and cut off his buttocks. #SouthAfricaMustFall

Despite “Xenophobia” and “Apartness” Africans risk their lives to get INTO South Africa

The new Black Slave Trade: human trafficking in refugees and asylum seekers is big business!

Xenophobia: Multiculturism FAILS in South Africa too! Finally the Rainbow Nation is exposed as a lie. Wake Up!

South Africa’s old white soldiers helped Nigeria beat Boko Haram where NO government, not even USA or UK, will.

Who is Naspers / Media24, or rather, WHY is it? How “Black” is it? How far does the rabbit hole go?

Black Privilege and Cheapshot Statue Politics exposes how South Africa was designed to fail…

The 4 black lies about land in South Africa. Bantu (black Africans) DO NOT have default right to land.