Zuma’s wife, Thobeka Madiba-Zuma slates ANC ‘traitors’ who voted against her husband

The First Lady has taken criticism for celebrating a man who has had eight no-confidence motions tabled against him.

President Jacob Zuma’s wife Thobeka Madiba-Zuma has, for the first time, commented on matters relating to politics, celebrating that her husband survived the eighth no-confidence motion tabled against him in parliament on Tuesday.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Madiba-Zuma said history had been made as it was “the 8th of 8month and our President Jacob Zuma on his 8th year as president of SA faced his 8th vote of no confidence against him by 8 opposition parties plus traitors”.

For those who thought otherwise, the First Lady reminded them her husband was and would be president until 2019.

Usually, the First Lady’s Instagram posts are flooded with positive messages, with most of her followers saying she inspired them to be better citizens. This time, however, she angered many, who told her to stick to doing charity work and leave politics to the politicians.

In fact, she was told there was nothing to celebrate about her husband surviving an eighth motion against him, meaning the country did not want him, they argued.

“It’s not about surviving Ma. It should be more concerning that a sitting President has had 8 votes of no confidence tabled against him. On any level, for anyone, especially the President, that should give a man sleepless nights. The people that help him ‘survive’ do not do it for the confidence they have I him but for their own benefit. There is nothing to celebrate here. The only people that lose more than anything are the ordinary people of this country,” said one of her followers.

These were some of the other comments she received:

“Do you really have to put the arrogance down in words. This about our ANC not your family. Come on madam.”

“We need new leadership! It is a pity that most of the voters are brainwashed with grants… but anyways it’s all good. One year left, we eagerly counting down months ”

“But why call others traitors for exercising their right and being truthful to themselves, haibo madam first lady, it doesn’t work like that. Not everything is about u and msholozi. Just let others be asseblief. You sound like you and your husband own this people, the world doesn’t revolve around. Just be fair.”

There were, however, those who joined her in celebrating the victory, saying her husband was the president and would continue to lead the country until his term ended.

By: The Citizen

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