Zuma’s Last Hours Before “Checkmate”

By Mike Smith
29th of March 2017

The writing was on the wall for Zuma last year on the day the top four banks in SA closed the accounts of his Indian puppet masters the Guptas and they fled “sak-en-pak” to Dubai.

Till this day there is no real explanation from the banks as to why they closed Oakbay accounts, apart from “dubious transactions” we heard of in the media coming from the Public Protector’s report on State Capture. The EFF came closer to the truth when they claimed that Zuma is the money smuggler for the Guptas and have smuggled billions of stolen taxpayer’s money out of the country for the Guptas…for a fee of course.

Problem is that these banks have their own puppet masters in Britain and the USA and they don’t like competition when it comes to ripping South Africans off.

I can only imagine that a conversation between these big bankers would go something like this:

Rotschild: “Say Rocky old chap, what do you think of these Gupta coolies stealing taxpayer’s money down in good old SA?”

Rockefeller: “Say what Rothy? Stealing money from South African taxpayers?? …But that is OUR job!!! We cannot have that. We have to do something. Do they have accounts with us? Close their damn accounts. Let us show them who is the boss.”

Sounds farfetched? Not so. Even the libtard media has now exposed the conspiracy and handbag war between the international bankers (ANC calls them “White Monopoly Capital”) and the Zupta fraternity.

Zuma vs Pravin. Is it checkmate?

Apparently the conspiracy is called “Operation Checkmate” and the intelligence community is well aware of it.

This is the reason why the useless President (yours not mine) Zuma ordered Finance Minister Pravin Gordon and his sidekick Jonas back to SA from their overseas trip. They were about to go and speak to the “White Monopoly Capital” about how to get rid of Zuma and his Gupta cronies and Zuma wanted to prevent the talks at all cost. Maybe he hasn’t heard of Skype yet.

People in crisis go into panic and do funny things. You will often see a soldier who panics in a crisis situation that he will run out from behind cover straight into a hail of bullets. Zuma is doing the same.

Nevertheless, just the fact that Standard Bank and Citibank are involved already tells you a lot. It is quite a well known fact that Citibank is a CIA front and Standard Bank the British MI6 equivalent. Former CEO of Citibank John M Deutch was also CIA director under Bill Clinton in 1995-1996.

The Crimes of Citibank – more CIA connections

Nora Slatkin, the former executive director of the C.I.A., notified the agency that she was considering a position at Citibank while she was still monitoring the Deutch case inside the agency, records of the agency show.

NY Times – Former C.I.A. Director Helped Official Monitoring Inquiry of Him to Find a New Job

Nevertheless, they are pushing Zuma into a corner. He has two options; Flee to some socialist banana republic (probably Sudan with his big mate Omar al-Bashir) or fight like a demon as a dictator.
We are in for “People’s War” part two.

He has already showed that he has no problem to deploy the army for Parliament. So he will pull out all the stops. MK Vets, Narysec youth brigade, ANC Youth League, ANC women’s league, etc to keep him in power and in typical Africoon Dictator Style he won’t care how many people die in a race war or what happens to the Rand and the economy.

Unfortunately for him, he is going to lose. He has saddled up a horse he can’t ride. He will now learn how the world really works and he will learn a lesson that these mighty men in the world are extremely vindictive and will destroy him and not only will he be kicked to the curb, they will come after him until only a blood stain against the wall remains. They will destroy his entire extended family and those of the Guptas…

Just ask the Boers what happened to them when they stood up against these guys. They will come after you for decades and they don’t care how long it takes…they will destroy you until nothing is left. Boers are still suffering today.

Just look at Apartheid and the NATS. They held out quite Long. 40 Years. South Africa was practically self sufficient. All those sports boycotts and economic sanctions had hardly any effect on the economy or the Rand…Until September 1985 when Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank called in all the short term loans after PW Botha’s disasterous Rubicon Speech. The NATS saw the writing on the wall. There was no way they could do business anywhere in the world after that. They had no other way, but to toe the line and do as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds said.

The eventual handover to the ANC was just a simple formality after a small palace revolution where bombastic PW Botha was replaced by Fuck Wit de Klerk. CODESA was a farce. The “Democratic” elections were rigged. In KZN more people voted than were living there. In the Cape ANC supporters were bused in from the Eastern Cape, many with two, three or even four ID documents. Large scale intimidation of UDM and Inkatha supporters were reported, yet Pink Frikkie de Klerk declared the election “free, fare and democratic”…Ja right.

Zuma’s days are numbered. He just doesn’t know it yet. He thinks he is clever and mighty. Poor idiot. I won’t call it “checkmate”, because chess is what the stupid Communists play…The West plays Monopoly.

By:  Mike Smith

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