Zuma: Struggle For Black People Not Over Yet- Black People Must Not Be Victimised For Speaking Their Minds

President Jacob Zuma has called on black people to learn from Steve Biko and to speak their minds without any shame.

On Tuesday, the president commemorated the 40th anniversary of Biko’s death in Pretoria.

The president says that black people must not be victimised for speaking their minds.

“If you are black, you do what you think is right. You are given names and your innocence is made to look ugly. If you are not liberated, you’ll see your brother and sister as ugly when they’re not. They’re handsome and beautiful.”

Zuma says the struggle for black people is not over yet.

“[It’s] not [over] when there are people who sleep under bridges and when society is talking to itself without discussing how to solve the problems of the country.”

He has called on black South Africans to participate in the struggle to liberate themselves, saying there is political freedom now but economic freedom needs to be next.


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