You whites will lose everything,’ Malema tells bankers

Success is associated with whiteness, EFF leader Julius Malema said at a Rand Merchant Bank event yesterday.

If white people can’t see this, and if they don’t help to solve the country’s problems, they will end up “with nothing”, he added.

Malema, who was accompanied by EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu, told the delegates that white South Africans were economically superior to black South Africans, something they had achieved through apartheid, colonialism and illegal means.

He said failure to accept this was at the centre of South Africa’s problems.

“The point we are making here is that success is associated with whiteness. A white minority continues to own and control 90% of South Africa’s economy that is not in the hands of foreign investors and pension funds.

Malema: ‘ANC factions want to loot together’

The whole ANC is rotten and just getting rid of President Jacob Zuma won’t make a difference‚ EFF leader Julius Malema said on Thursday.

“These are the facts that I’m giving you in a comfortable situation without confrontation…

“You are actually sensitive to such information and discrediting anyone who says such things, and make them irrelevant, because you don’t want to hear the truth,” Malema told a room full of RMB employees and other financial sector stakeholders.

“You think you are owning now [and] you don’t want to find a long-lasting solution to this crisis.

“You will lose everything.”

Malema appeared in the regional court in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, earlier this week for calling on EFF supporters last year to invade unoccupied land.

Malema is charged with incitement and with contravening the 1956 Riotous Assemblies Act, which he is challenging.

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  • leesa

    Yes, then you once the world sanctions your asses

  • Mashego

    Why is your kids in a white school? Shows you everything you say to your supporters is a black lie!!! How many farms do you own? We need to get rid of this rubbish now, he will destroy our country and put people in poverty while living a royal life, just like Mugabe the black racist!

    • But you dont mind paying for a zulu king in a democracy ?

  • George Wiid

    We work for our things we have.Try working and you can get the same things we have,but all you want is everything for free,that is where the problem lies ,not our fault but your own fault If your government abandon BBE you would already have more then we have, no but you want it the wrong way so go for it .Just remember what goes around comes around .

    • bee and aa was a white invention, it only became state , anc policy much later.
      dont let JMC & Broederbond capital fool you

  • Magda Matthysen Pretorius

    Black men hsve six wife’s and with each a dozen children how do you feed them that is why blacks are poor

  • Owen

    Why is the DA & EFF in an alliance against the anc
    It cannot be corruption, the ANC, DA & EFF have all been financed by the guptas in the past.