With winter around the corner, you need to know what flu really feels like !!!

You’re sneezy, stuffed up, and feel bad all over. Is it a cold, or do you have the flu?

The symptoms can be a lot alike. But if you know the warning signs of the flu, you can get treatment quickly and work on feeling better, sooner.

What You Need to Know

Unlike a cold, flu symptoms usually come on suddenly. Another key difference is a fever, which might not happen with a cold. You might also have:

– Severe aches in muscles and joints
– Pain and tiredness around your eyes
– Weakness or extreme fatigue
– Warm, flushed skin and red, watery eyes
– A headache
– A dry cough
– A sore throat and runny nose

Adults with seasonal flu don’t usually vomit or have diarrhea, but children might.

Some symptoms can mean your illness is severe. Get immediate medical help if you have any of the following:
– Trouble breathing or shortness of breath
– Pain or pressure in your chest or belly
– Sudden dizziness
– Confusion
– Severe vomiting

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