Why Is Dudu Myeni Not Behind Bars Yet?

Dudu Myeni in her Banana costume.   Jeez, what was she thinking?

Imagine you are the CEO of a company anywhere in the world and steal it into bankruptcy to the tune of an R4.67 billion loss in one year.

Not only will you be fired immediately, but you will be imprisoned.

Not in South Africa though…Dudu Myeni-Zuma (as Malema calls her) has just proved that.

According to the opposition DA, she ran South African Airways like a “Corporate warlord” bullying other board members due to her close proximity to Zuma. She has further shown a middle finger to her critics when she warned that things are not going to change next year because SAA is going to make ANOTHER R4billion loss.

The advert Dudu placed in the newspaper

She refuses to take responsibility for her past seven years of mismanagement of SAA saying that it is not her fault, she inherited all the trouble. She is clearly above the law.

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan at first refused to bail her skank ass out, so she went and placed an advert in the newspaper shamelessly soliciting for an R16 billion bailout from private investors.

Gordhan must have crumbled under pressure from Zuma’s goons in The Hawks who are investigating his doings and screwing at SARS, because suddenly he made an about turn, gave her R5billion State Guarantees and reappointed her as Chairperson of SAA’s Board, saying the new SAA board had been given targets and that state guarantees to the airline would have to be repaid and were not bailouts.

What utter bollocks! That money is gone. Taxpayer’s money flushed down the black ANC toilet (again).

There is no accountability. The thefts just continue and even Gordhan himself said ”It is business as usual for the airline”

The mind boggles at how such blatant, open theft of public money can be allowed. This would not have been tolerated anywhere else in the world, but for some or other reason the world is turning a blind eye to this and not holding them responsible. Is it out of fear of being branded “racist” for criticizing the criminally corrupt ANC? Is it just seen by the libtards of the world as “kiddies allowed to stuff up so they can learn”? Are they seriously hoping that the ANC will improve and become just like them when you throw enough money at them and give them enough time?

All I know is that if Dudu Myeni tried this shit anywhere else in the world she would have been behind bars and the only reason she is not, is because she spreads her legs for Zuma.

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16 September 2016

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