Why is America taking BLACK refugees from South Africa but NOT Whites?

In ONE MONTH ALONE, October 2014, USA took in 322 black refugee asylum seekers FROM SOUTH AFRICA, which is supposed to be deemed a safe country.

White asylum seekers from South Africa who try to claim are told that South Africa is a safe country and therefore they cannot claim asylum, yet blacks are accepted without question. Furthermore the ANC regime aggressively intervenes in all white asylum applications WORLDWIDE. Making the notion of asylum and the United Nations a mockery…

Why this racist discrimination?

White asylum seekers from South Africa are already fleeing from discrimination where there are over a hundred laws preventing whites from access to jobs, schools, Universities, welfare, etc. etc.

There is also the on-going disproportionate murder rate of whites and specifically white farmers.

Statistically 54 per 100,000 blacks are killed, yet 139 per 100,000 white farmers! Making it almost 3 times more likely. Being a white farmer in South Africa is the most dangerous occupation IN THE WORLD by mortality rate. YET ASYLUM IS NOT ALLOWED?

But liberal America loves to put a gloss on their moral high ground and pat themselves on the back and pretend all is “nice”.

You should know that one of the favorite PR gambits of the US refugee resettlement contractors is to get lovely “refugees-first-Thanksgiving” stories published at this time of year.  They are masters at planting warm and fuzzy propaganda, and that is one reason we write this! To balance and challenge the news!

If you search around today, you will see that stories were published in several cities about the generosity of the contractors (no doubt using your tax dollars!) in feeding a scrumptious dinner to newly arrived refugees (their “clients”).   But, that isn’t why I’m writing.  There were a few lines in the USA Today story that got my attention and I want to share them with you.

Remember that legitimate asylum seekers must be able to prove persecution (for religion, race, or political persuasion) when they get to the first SAFE COUNTRY after leaving their place of persecution.  They are to ask for asylum in that first safe country.   They aren’t supposed to be hopping around the world from safe country to safe country shopping for the best deal!

So why the hell are we taking black African “refugees” from the Rainbow Nation of South Africa which was supposedly built on the notion that no matter what color you were, you were in a country that WELCOMED everyone!

Mulungula “Nico” Mungela is the Congolese ‘star of the story’ (this must be J-school 101, put a sympathetic character in your opening paragraph!) at USA Today and in 2006 he left DR Congo and arrived in South Africa—the Rainbow Nation—a SAFE country.

Now does this sound like a “refugee?”  Within 3 years he had two new Master’s degrees, and a good college instructor job in the Rainbow Nation.   Are we to believe that all that equality talk from Nelson Mandela was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo? (It may be for South African whites, but Mungela was a black man in a country run by all black leaders!).

By the way, this isn’t to criticize Mr. Mungela who just took advantage of a good thing, it is to question UNHCR and US State Department policy that has become a  lawless free-for-all policy without any supervision by Congress where we are just slapping on that refugee label and bringing them in from anywhere!

From USA Today (emphasis is mine):

His journey took him south through Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and finally into South Africa, by bus, boat, ship, and hitching rides. He was robbed once right in the middle of a road in Tanzania.

Through a Congo pastor who’d rescued him from the beach, he landed a job as a parking lot guard in Durban. Later, after he sent for his family, he secured a loan to return to college and earned two master’s degrees.

Although he and his wife could support their family — he through a college instructor’s job working with special-needs students and Dorcas by operating a home day care — the family still struggled to gain a foothold. The country is still rife with discrimination, Mungela said.

[What! The Rainbow Nation discriminates against blacks? Has anyone told Obama that the whole Mandela rainbow thing is a myth?]

In May 2009, the couple applied for refugee status and resettlement through the International Organization for Migration, which partners with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Their category covers survivors of violence.

So now he and his 8 kids largely live on your dime in Kentucky. Wouldn’t it have been of greater benefit to South Africa to leave a well-educated man there to help South Africa?

What are we thinking!  We resettled 322 UN designated “refugees” from South Africa in ONE month of FY2015 alone!  See here. It is almost certain NONE of them are white as the communist ANC government deliberately intervenes in all white asylum cases WORLDWIDE claiming that is an unfounded claim. Seems they do not do the same for black asylum seekers…



Here is the reason: GOVERNMENT MONEY:


About the photo and Kentucky Refugees Ministries.  In its most recent Form 990 KRM took in $4,703,422 from government contracts as part of a total revenue stream of $5,287,956 which means they are 89% funded by taxpayer dollars in a Wilson Fish state where the resettlement program is run by the federal government’s contractors (with no say by elected representatives of the state government of Kentucky).

When you visit that Form 990 be sure to check out the costs of running this ‘non-profit’ for salaries, office expenses, travel etc.


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  • Gab

    I see the uk dose this too. The truth is that being white in this country (South Africa) you are a target every single day. The government is making it very easy for the white people to be slaughtered if anything encouraging it. The most popular saying here is ” leave, go back do back to where your from!” But it seams that through many different means the government is making it almost impossible for those who want leave! The fact that all these first world countries are turning a blatant back on these people just shows that they are trying to avoid admitting that their intervention actually caused a bigger hell and the beginning of a genocide. They even turn a blind eye to the facts!! its like washing there hands in the blood of the victims and walking away. even a retard can see that what is going on here is horrific!!!! Iv seen plea letters to different governments around the world and the response is always the same “Your government says its not happening so we are not helping you.” Please tell me how asking the abuser if he abuses the victim is the right way to do it??? I actually wonder have these people been paid or hypnotized to give this response??? Because it is not a logical or humane response. I wonder why the government stops white people from leaving……. add the fact that they aren’t allowed to get jobs here and are being disarmed…….. looks like a classic case of grind them down to nothing and then wipe them out! This country still has a chance to turn around right now its like a miss guided youth, it needs to be reprimanded and put back on the right track. If it doesn’t happen soon its going to be a blood bath!

  • Johan

    As a South african there are a lot of comments that I would like to make regarding this article, but as a White south African I would just be labled “racist” as this is the first and only defense in South Africa. So let me rather ask one question… How can a person obtain 2 Master degrees in 3 years. To obtain a Bachelor’s degree you need to study at least 3-4 years, then Honnours will be at least another year and then Masters another year or two depending on your dissertation. This means the “refugee” in question completed his two Masters which should have taken 12years in only 3 years… makes you think doesn’t it. Maybe South Africa discriminated against him on the grounds that they did not want to accept his questionable qualifications. So how did he obtain these qualifications? But if the American public is so generous to give them a free ride go ahead, just remember once it comes to light that there is a free ride the “refugees” will stream to America.

    • JW Appling

      It’s already happening they are flooding in from Mexico.

    • Anton Riaan Hay

      After Bachelors. ..and Honours … you can pile them up one by one … say Masters in Psychology and Sosiology on top of BA in Psychology … You can do the same with PhD s … you need not repeat the basic field …. best Anton

  • The “refugee racket” is a windfall for religious organization. They promote multiculturalism to generate a need to accept asylum seekers.

    • JW Appling

      They are profiting from White genocide while profiting from “pretending” to be a christian nonprofit.

      • NikkiD

        I never realised that, but it must be true. Cannot understand it any other way

  • Agreed, false multiculturalism is a scam – it actually means UNIculturism in the way the liberals are trying to force it down our throats. Why are they not sending millions of white to Africa?

    • Mc Apple

      Now here is a good question.

    • Zed

      You are right. The only problem is you want that to apply when it is you. When somebody else uses force you call it terrorism

  • B Beaches

    Why don’t the WHITE people come to Canada? Toronto calls itself a sanctuary city and why should only the “Persons Of Colour” criminals and barbaric Moslems have that knowledge alone??

    • Saffa Coza

      B Beaches, a few WHITE South Africans have already applied and been denied asylum by Canada. I am sure Canada too happily and secretly accepts blacks from South Africa…

      The black ANC government makes a point in intervening in these applications worldwide… just another arm of their genocide on whites I guess…

    • Hennie Jooste

      If Canada would take us, my family and I would leave today if possible, but they also keep turning down White South Africans. It is a shame that nobody wants to help us.

      • Mc Apple

        Agree with Hennie. For some reason the world embraces and accepts hordes of unskilled Africans and others with strange and sometimes dangerous beliefs with open arms but makes it almost impossible for Europeans with pretty much the same culture and beliefs to get accepted in their countries of origin. Same with Europe but in the end they will pay the price when their arms get chopped off by those same “poor” immigrants.

    • NikkiD

      I would leave today if you would have us. We have degrees, do a lot of volunteer work, and are good neighbours. Yet, we still are last in line somehow… thank you for your kind words.

  • activepc

    America please take all of them ! We got 45 million !

    • Zed

      Simple mindedness….

  • Mark Robert

    Anti-Europeanism is becoming a real problem in this Nation.

    Europeans need to confront this hostility towards our people.

    1. Is it extreme for Europeans look to their future?

    2. Is it extreme for Europeans to dissociate themselves from confluence of out-groups
    who readily attack OUR very existence?

    3. Is it extreme for Europeans to voice their outraged at the behavior of those who have shown a blatant disregard for the laws, rules and traditions of their host societies?

    4. Is it extreme for Europeans to long for the safe streets, and the peaceful coexistence that once existed in the U.S. and Europe when OUR nations were nearly monolithic?

    I think not, on all counts.

    • Zed

      Wait a minute,,, are we talking about Europeans or Africans? I am just amazed that white people from Africa never refer to themselves as Africans. Its either white South Africans or Europeans. Therein lies your problem. You do not want to be associated with Africa as long as you are not in charge.

      • Clearly you do not come from Africa and have probably never been there, yet you want to dictate and be wise to a people who have been there for 350 years? Whites have been in South Africa for longer than the Zulu or Xhosa have even existed, by two whole centuries! (Oh, your mass media never told you that?)
        Many brainwashed liberal South Africans want to be called just African, yet none of them would murder, rape and torture an 85 year granny, for hours, for a mobile phone or rape a baby because their witch-doctor told them it cures Aids!

        • Zed

          Ok my European friend. I have never been to Africa? I remember a time when whites used to use the word African as a curse word. I remember talking to a white friend who called his gardener “my African”. Not only that i have witnessed the cruelty of white bosses on the farms. The same people who would then say “my Africans are happy”. So since these things did not happen to white people you did not care. I agree that killing an old lady is barbaric whether that old lady be black or white. But also dont call yourselves African when it only benefits you. The new order in South Africa has to right itself and as it does, the black, white and other colors in between need to actively work it out. Even Europe was where South Africa is today. It does not make it right to kill anyone but there are going to be casualties. Unless South Africa wants to end up like Zim, you all need to work it out. There are still South Africans both black and white who are very racist unfortunately thats what it is…

          • I have never called myself African, quite the contrary – we have different genetic ancestors and allegedly share some too.
            Wake up and smell the genocide my friend. Europe is only just getting to where South Africa has been for a century. 12 nations were forced into one centrist power block to serve the money power… that same money power imported millions of non whites into Southern Africa for cheap labour, that same money power instituted separate development and then killed it when it had served it purpose.
            Sound familiar? And who is the EU importing as we speak?
            Oh hang on, you are actually looking forward to total marxist world domination in a one world state… you even mention the “new order”.
            Go bleet elsewhere, no black farm worker was EVER treated as badly as the bolsheviks treated the Russian farm workers… but hey it is forgotten and not even mentioned… 100 million murdered to try force people to “work it out” as you call it… no war crimes tribunal. nothing…
            Races, and indeed separate humanoid species (as Homo Naledi proved again this week) have existed for millions of years, and now you callous know it all’s want to make them all the same overnight? Sorry you gonna have to choose one race and murder the rest before that happens.
            Are you too self involved to see Rhode’s Cape to Cairo collectivism ideology is STILL in the works? Do you even know who your masters are?

      • Wim Kotze

        You’ve got it all wrong. Most of the world don’t want to be associated with the typical bantu, not even the man made saint, Ghandi.

        • Zed

          I feel sorry for you. I thought i could have a decent argument buti guess not

          • Wim Kotze

            Obviously one can’t have a decent argument without any real knowledge on the subject. Try living amongst the bantu, then come and report the facts.

          • Zed

            Brilliant man! Did you guess all by yourself that I have never lived with the bantu?

  • Jay Pops

    Whites from south africa should try immigrating to argentina or uruguay or Chile or southern brazil if the first world western countries won’t take them

    • Why and give up 350 years of heritage and history? They have been there as long as the Americans have been in North America…. only difference is they did not shoot all the locals on sight but rather offered them jobs and upliftment…

  • Heinrich Ferreira

    I was told by the Citizens Advice Bereu and various lawyers including the Border Agency when I tried to stay with my family, who are all UK citizens by marriage or ancestry, that had I been black I would be able to, but since I am white I cannot. I was wrongfully arrested and not allowed phone calls or even charged with an offence by black police and was beaten and had my life threatened by police in South Africa. I have to go back to hell and I don’t want to go to a ‘safe country’ so sadly suicide is my only way I can die a dignified death because I will not die by torture.

    • Saffa Coza

      Heinrich please contract us, surely we canhelp. We would love to tell your story to everyone aswell. don@saffa.com

    • Zed

      Wow, I feel sorry for you man, and any other human being in your situation. Killing yourself is definitely not the solution. South Africa is only a few years old and unfortunately race issues cannot be fixed in such a short time. The pendulum takes time to swing center. There will always be casualties but killing yourself? No. That is unfair to the people ho love you.

      • Wim Kotze

        SA only a few years old? You mean bantu rule is only 21years old, and race issues can be fixed quite easily if the bantu would just return to their kraals.

    • Ryan Edwards

      My family are white and live great lives in Cape Town SA, you are exaggerating to get a green card

      • bryan hurd

        I notice u did not comment on blacks getting green cards, why. Capetown is rated the 14th most dangerous city in the world, so he is not.

        • Ryan Edwards

          Sources, links, proof, you got none coz thats bs!Sources please, thats bullshit!

          • bryan hurd

            Wikipedia on Capetown

          • Ryan Edwards


          • bryan hurd

            Bullshit? From you

          • Ryan Edwards

            Look, you want to believe everything you read on the Internet, then you are just dumb

          • bryan hurd

            It should read…if you want, capetowns position in crime is fact, the denying of white entrance in to many countries, fact, millions of people of colour getting free access to countries, fact, so the dumb one is? Yes you.

          • Ryan Edwards

            Yeah, those 1000s of blacks Getting access are refugees and no South African whites are not being denied access to the States, there are restrictions, yes on all immigrants, have you ever even bothered to try?

          • bryan hurd

            The 1000, s u mention do not fit refugee profile set out by the UN, so they are not refugees, white south africans unless wealthy find it difficult to immigrate,there have been cases, one in Canada where the south african government tried to intervene, give me facts it is otherwise, you see it your way I see it my way, I have zero interest in convincing anyone of whats in their face,

          • Ryan Edwards


          • Ryan Edwards

            Yeah, you need money to live in the States, so what’s your point? You want us to support you as well?

          • Ryan Edwards

            No, I’m American, that’s b shit man.

          • Ryan Edwards


          • bryan hurd

            Ah u agree that u are a bullshitter

          • Ryan Edwards

            Nah, that you are a lier.

          • Ryan Edwards

            No that would be you.

          • Ryan Edwards

            No from you

        • Ryan Edwards

          Thats B/s, don’t believe everything you read on the internet – George Washington. Guess, Hondorus, Bengazi, Damascus (Syria), Bagdad, Tunis, Sanaa (Yemen) just fell of wikipaedia, cool!

      • Riva Jeffrey

        You are wrong Ryan, we are all prisoners in our own homes.

        • Ryan Edwards

          My family aren’t.

        • Ryan Edwards

          Not exactly, unless you call having an alarm system a prison.

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  • Alden Hall

    The 9th circuit court just gave Trump carte blanche to allow hundreds of thousands of white South African refugees into this country. It would be folly to waste such a golden problurtunity. I suggest resettling them along the Texas-Mexico border. What’s the opposing argument? Boers aren’t brown enough to be considered refugees?

    • Saffa Coza

      Wish that was the case Alden, many White South Africans have tried and I know a few personally. You are correct, they are not brown or muslim enough.
      They are required to prove that they PERSONALLY are at risk in South Africa by providing evidence of attacks or rapes or personal persecution etc.
      Not only can most of these people not afford plane tickets, but they will not be allowed on a plane in SA without an entry visa. Know anyone with a large ship?
      The other scam is that South Africa is actually classified as a “Safe Country” bu the UNHCR – this means people from those country cannot apply for asylum. The only reason SA is classed as a safe country is so that it can take in all the millions of “refugees” from the rest of Africa, and many then go on from SA to claim asylum in USA.
      So if you are white you will be told it is a safe country, prove your persecution, if you are black, it will be the red carpet…
      I am not t sure the Trump effect will help us much…

      • Apostle Gideon Prinsloo

        That is Obama’s doing who also made sure that through the UNHCR that is was declared that there are no persecution of Christians but of Muslims only by Christians and that Christianity was declared an extremist religion of hate. The United Nations should be called United Anti-White Nations since the UN is anti-Western

  • MemyselfandI

    Does anyone know any organizations here in the US that will help the Afrikaans who want to come here? I looked on the Chicago SA consulate website but it seems quite dated with a lack of information.

    • Anything to do with SA government is a waste of time – they (ANC, DA and EFF) are the perpetrators of the oppression of all minorities in SA.

    • Apostle Gideon Prinsloo

      You cannot trust anything linked to the south African Government at all since the South African Government is so corrupt and will not put any info that can help White South Africans or even giving true info to White Americans who wants to travel to South Africa since the ANC with their fellow Leftist friends wants a world wide Genocide of White people in order to spread Islam and to destroy Christianity. There are private American Groups who can give Information including the Good Neighbors Attorney Network of Christians, ACLJ, Breitbart News and also Info Wars