White South Africans CAN’T Be Racist. Steve Biko said “one cannot be a racist unless he has the power to subjugate”.

The Oppressed Minority White South Africans CANNOT Be Racist According to Steve Biko, who said “one cannot be a racist unless he has the power to subjugate”. White South Africans have no power….

Activist Steve Biko said the following in an expert from his book, I write what I like:
“Those who know, define racism as discrimination by a group against another for the purposes of subjugation or maintaining subjugation. In other words, one cannot be a racist unless he has the power to subjugate.”

The majority black government, and majority black people, control absolutely everything and those things they do not
have power over they subvert, infiltrate, denigrate, castigate, destroy, burn, etc. etc. as we witness every single day in SA.

Minority white South Africans are completely dependent on the black majority government for their utilities like water, waste and electricity, and they are paying a high price for the corruption and inefficiency of the regime and its inability to manage what was once a first world country. The regime control the police, army, hospital, roads, transport, parliament, prisons, and even an obedient mass media. It seems everyone must be reduced down to living in tin shacks, the modern day grass huts, after all is that not the aim of the proletariat? To reduce everyone into a servile working class?

With 40% of the annual budget going to government salaries, for loyal ANC members appointed into these institutions, whether they are qualified or not (Cadre Deployment), it is clear the ANC/SACP regime cannot and will not be voted out of power no matter how bad it gets and how many are murdered. You will vote for your employer because he pays your salary and feeds you children. End of discussion.

Clearly the regimes deliberate refusal to accept and understand the concept of Accountability and Responsibility is what causes them to continue hitting the long dead racism and apartheid horse. 49 Murders a day, a rape every 6 seconds, 26 successful suicides a day, etc, etc, and still people want to talk of furthering the mandate of this communist regime? (12 ministers are top level members of the communist party). In fact throughout the total 40 years of apartheid only 21,000 were murdered. In mandela’s South Africa that amount are murdered virtually EVERY year!



The white guilt cross of perceived racism has been such an effective Cultural Marxist weapon, many libtard whites are happy to contribute to the extinction of the white race. White South Africans have very little left with which to defend themselves from the total onslaught of blind “Useful Idiots” (as Karl Marx called them) who are mere pawns in a greater Totalitarian oppression and Collectivist power grab.

At best White South Africans could be guilty of “reverse racism”, the Free dictionary by Farlex describes ‘reverse discrimination’ as: Discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group, especially when resulting from policies established to correct discrimination against members of a minority or disadvantaged group.

Racism in post apartheid South Africa has largely come about as natural survival instinct against the destruction of minorities which is taking place in South Africa at the behest of the One World Order Collectivist (Globalisation) movement. Why are Europeans in Europe forced to accommodate and make Africans feel at home yet in Africa whites are constantly ostracized and castigated? Is Diversity a one way street to oblivion for whites but Supremacy for non-whites? If the One Worlders get their way, that is exactly what is desired and being pushed for…

…by the way, go look up the definition of genocide. Mass killing is just one of 5 factors in genocide all of which exist in South Africa with the country being put on level 6 of the GenocideWatch rankings. Still wonder why South Africa wants to exit the ICC and its commitments to the Rome statute?

You cannot attempt to destroy 12 ethnic nations who were illegally forced into one country, through marxist legislation and expect the victims to meekly accept their destruction and assimilation. Their cultures, languages, histories, heritages, traditions, religions, physical characteristics, etc. etc. were developed over hundreds of thousands of years and are genetically imprinted and memorised as basic instincts, one of which is defense of who you are, and your community.


What turns it all into a powder keg is that secession, or even talk of secession is illegal in SA and will get you thrown in jail. (Secret police have already visited some our members for this simply for discussing it on a facebook group!). Minority nations are therefore forced (with threat of jail) to accept the forced integration and assimilation by the majority, who have been trained by the globalist money power, who fund the government and their owned mass media, to hate whites. Marxist propaganda, perpetuated by the leftist mas media have demonised any idea of federalism or self determination or indeed secession akin to apartheid and talk of independence is strictly not allowed.

In fact White South Africans are not only trapped in a country in which they are persecuted, they are effectively Slaves as they pay 85% of the taxes in the country, yet they did not vote for the government! South Africa is the only country in the world where 85% of the taxpayers did not vote for the government, and even worse it is the ONLY country in the world where the majority (by far) implement racist affirmative action and BEE laws against the small minority!xrsa1

And no, there is no talk of escape either. South Africa has very few visa agreements for poor whites that want to emigrate and Western nations who are also following the Marxist One Worlder, anti white narrative turn down asylum applications from white South Africans whilst happily accepting black South African applications, even if said black South African have criminal records and proceeding against them!

I think the case for whites being an oppressed nation has now been made without going into examples and numbers of farm murders, or attacks on Afrikaner community and schools, universities, etc. etc. etc.

Despite what the so called “advanced modern constitution” may say, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association and Freedom for minorities to exist and flourish do not exist in SA. Indeed, forced integration is worse than apartheid because it involves genocide, whereas Aparthied tried to give each nation its own independence and self determination in their own traditional homelands where they originated from.

This is the one simple reason why collectivism, marxism, communism globalisation, multiculturalism etc. etc.
will always fail and why it has to be enforced through power and might and violence.

Given the black African penchant for forcing themselves on other peoples and destroying their own cultures and histories for Western goodies, this has formed a volatile cocktail, which is just what the Marxists forces want.

Civil war leads to a police state and then all Southern African nations can be forced into one larger power block… Just like they did in 1910…

Lenin said: “I don’t care if two thirds of the population are killed, as long as the remaining third are communists”.

Are we now to rewrite that as “ANC/SACP don’t care if genocide is committed on all minorities, institutionally
or by consent or third party incitement, as long as the survivors are all pro black communists”?

There is nothing natural about it.

However it seems the criminals and mafia might have the last word, as it is the forces of evil and corruption and criminality that seem to be holding sway in SA. Whether the regime can use there laughable police force and even more pointless army to take control of the situation in order to implement a marxist police state, is another matter…

So that is another useless banana republic we can chalk up to the communists and capitalists so they can continue sacking the continents raw materials cheaply… just don’t tell the natives they are the tool of their own oppression, they prefer the narrative that it is the whites that are still doing it? The mass media’s boogieman with a swastika…

We encourage anyone to send complaints and examples of racism to: Complaints@sahrc.org.za

Don Deon


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