White South Africa, you have been OWNED! Enslaved and Beaten.

An ANC circular (pic below with transcript), that has come to light that was circulated in 1993 after the supposed “Peace Negotiations”, exposes the criminal, bad faith, mindset of the ANC Communist movement at the time.

Predictably this document will be debunked by all and sundry from the Communist Front, most aggressively probably from the liberal whites, who in their mindless pursuit of the “moral high ground” have been fooled and enslaved by an enemy, who have acted in bad faith while they themselves have acted in good faith, despite accusations of foolhardiness and treason by more reasonable and conservative minded european South Africans.

Whether real or not, every single clause in the document is accurately reflected in the reality of the post apartheid meltdown and explains many observations and events. Almost every aspect of civil and public life can be described as whites being enslaved by black masters for their taxes and keeping the country and its economy going.

Apart from obvious racist Affirmative Action and Black “Economic” Empowerment laws, 99% of the taxes are paid by only 3.2 million (mostly white) people in a population of 50 Million!

Yet there are 15.5 million people on Welfare Grants paid for by these 3.2 Million!

80% of taxpayers do not even vote for the ruling ANC party and its hidden unelected shadow, the Communist Party.

The document also exposes the constant manipulation, in reality, of its people by the Communist Party / ANC. The constant racial polarisation of the population by black leaders has taken on despotic genocidal proportions.

Is the mention of whites not having ammunition after 1994 an attempt to brazen criminal elements to attacks whites and farmers? Much like protesters in Marikana were told by manipulative witchdoctors that the police bullets would not harm them. Or how the Zulu’s at the battle of Blood River were told they had special powers against Boer bullets and ordered to run to their deaths?

Is this how the Bantu waged their colonisation campaign down from Central Africa over the centuries, using their own people as fodder with no regard for the people or cultures they decimate in their imperial struggle for supremacy and domination? Their total disregard for the 11 cultures forced and bound together by the Republic of South Africa, and their abuse of minority and human rights, so characteristic of a communist regime, like China and North Korea – with whom the South African government now ally themselves, clearly indicates that the match between Bantu and Communist in Africa is a match made in “hell” and explain the almost total conquest of Africa by Marxist Communism, despite the Trillions of dollars of direct aid sent to Africa by the “good faith” West. Aid which only serves to further sabotage and enslave Africa.

After a mere 20 years, European South Africans seems to have meekly accepted their defeat and enslavement at the hands of the Communist driven black masses. After three and a half centuries of non assimilation, it seemed the Central Africans, were finally aided by the Communist Marxists to defeat the Europeans.

All the whites have left is the window dressing of a false claim to the moral high ground…

…and the certainty of their impending extermination, as it has become patently clear that the communist masters have lost control of their baying black hounds, and soon the white goose who lays the golden tax egg will be unceremoniously cooked.

Is this the beginning or the end of the Bantu Empire?







African National Congress

Circular No 213-6 June 1993



  1. The armed and constant threat of violence forced the white spineless regime to negotiate for so-called peace.
  2. The psychological warfare through the churches to create a guilt complex with whites was a victory over Christians.
  3. The MASS ACTION was a successful method to rip the nation economy to pieces and to create panic of the rich settlers.
  4. The constant uproar in Black Education is the fourth key for liberation through education because the white regime simply cannot meet all our demands.
  5. All these help to create a feeling of helplessness and despair and to loose confidence in their government.
    Be careful not to upset the farmers too much before we gain control over the SAP and SADF
  6. The constant pressure of violence and economic uncertainty force De Klerk to surrender power to the oppressed people without a war like in Namibia!


The greatest fear of the white settler is to loose his job, his farm or house and all the luxuries! This will enable the new DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT to tax them to the utmost, while our comrades in MK and APLA continue with their part of the struggle.

  1. Surplus land will be redistributed among our people.
  2. All positions in the public services will be replaced by comrades
  3. The security forces will be reconstructed with our comrades to protect our people. Whites were protected for 350 years. Let them experience to be second class citizens!
  4. No ammunition will be available to white settlers.
  5. Health Institutions will be Africanised and whites will pay according to their income to enable them to contribute to their liberated brothers.
  6. Some white schools will be allowed because most settlers will pay their last cent for white education and this will provide more money for our people.
  7. Pension funds and insurance companies collected billions over the years, will be to our disposal for education of our comrades in the years to come.


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  • Saffa Coza

    As a result of this article yesterday titled “White South Africa, you have been OWNED! Enslaved and Beaten.” which was subsequently shared everywhere on social networks I were informed of a person who was visited by the “secret police” or macho men. Predictably this agent “Mr Claasen”, was very arrogant and aggressive and intimidating leaving the guy no choice but to let them in. They spent two hours on his computer deleting files that incriminate the African National Congress and South African Communist Party. The document proves that the ANC / SACP acted in bad faith during the so called peaceful negotiation sin 1992 at CODESA. The two agents did not have any warrants or paperwork.

    He explains it thus:
    I have been warned to keep quiet and I know that I am risking a lot for posting this. These people are trying to discredit me and my findings in two cases I am writing about. Unfortunately I was in possession of documents I was not supposed to have and it was deleted from my computer. What the man did I am not sure – I know too little about computers, but he spent more than two hours on it and when he left, he merely said that I should stay safe and stop my investigations. This is what I decided to reveal about the other documents I had on my computer:
    I thought it best to say what I wanted to say so people can know the full weight of the problems faced by White South Africans.
    Notwithstanding the fact that we have all learned the truth about who was here first and the fact that Whites in SA have more right to the land they have occupied over the past 350 plus years, we still cower in the face of the self-righteous liberal world and sheepishly accept our fate as if we deserve it. That is a fact, whether or not some Afrikaner/Boer groups oppose or deny it.
    The documents that was deleted by a “policeman” from my computer recently included the following information:

    • Since before 1976, the SACP and their alliances have communicated and reported about their plans to destabilize our economy – to force the White government into submission and to create a feeling of guilt among as many White SA citizens as possible. To achieve this, they knew that they would have to spark unrest by encouraging and fuelling riots to keep the focus on the Black masses while small groups of liberals would demonstrate peacefully at as many venues as possible. The plan was to use educated free thinkers like student groups and that they should keep the ball rolling in this regard. They knew that student groups would spread the “Guilt” far more effectively than any other…. because these groups generally face the least resistance and people hardly ever respond or engage their activities.

    • Then there is the document that refers to a series of events that will follow and who they see as their main obstacles. These obstacles were codenamed and included some White politicians and other key people identified as “Possible Boer Leaders” as well as some of their own political figures. It discusses plans to “neutralise” these obstacles and refers to the methods that will be followed discussed in another document. This document was marked TOP SECRET and contained some disturbing facts that explains our current situation.

    • Another document refers to the period after “Freedom.” It discusses how the “cash cow” (tax payer) will be milked in such a way that White people would not question it. That and the fact that our culture of sport and homely comforts will be an effective means to keep Whites at bay and even prevent us from standing together or form a significant resistance. Various referrals are made of how comfortable and naive we are and how guilt will remain our greatest nemesis – how they will use it against us and nullify our right to be here or to own anything. Transferring ownership of all of our assets is discussed in detail and the fact that it will be done in such a way that we offer no resistance as we would be properly “neutralised” by then.
    Most of these documents date back to the sixties and seventies and it is clear that whoever did the planning was highly educated. I have tried to convey some of the contents before, but nobody seems to want to listen. One extremely important message that repeated itself in every document is the fact that the majority of White people in SA had to be lured into a web of comfort by means of easy access to loans. This creates an illusion of safety and enslaves them beyond the point of redemption. Even our churches are mentioned and how they will be stripped of their “spiritual power” and that our natural greed would create a climate of “every man for himself” and “keeping up with the Jones’”.
    So, we have come to the point where we have to realise that we have become their slaves. If anybody still thinks that their “mindless” riots are the result of their primitive nature, think again – it is all part of a well planned strategy to discredit the Afrikaner/Boer and to eventually strip us of our heritage and make it look like we deserved it. Those of you, who still think we still have time, think again – looks are deceiving.
    Those of you, who still use our history as an excuse not to unite, wake up and smell the roses. Think very carefully and take a look at what is going on around you – WE HAVE A COUNTRY TO TAKE BACK and they know it!

    • PeaceLoveLight

      Did you forget the nation of the SAN ? They were in Southern Africa before white and black nations but hey lets conveniently forget those details, oh yes I forgot so-called white don’t consider SAN nation people. While there may be merit to these documents, what about apartheid documents? The fact is simple, these documents and strategies arose because of the past and the broken apartheid system, it would be honourable to stop blaming other nations for the trauma you have caused. Its all very nice to act if you did not cause this problem, your ideologies, your forced systems and so forth. This nation that was raped of its future so please have respect for the families that died in the name of freedom that allows us the some freedom which you would not allow. Please keep playing the victim, there are many who remember these deeds of your forefathers, for as long as you chose to play this victim we will keep reminding you of what you have done. Lets present actual proven facts, not speculation. Look up the history of the SAN, Southern Africa was inhabited by this nation. If you respected these ancient linages of Africa, maybe you would learn what it means to be an African and not someone from the West pushing their western agenda in Africa. Then do your homework and see that majority of farming, minining, etc industries are still under white ownership and controlled by the very wealthy. And then lets start remembering slavery which begun when the first foreign nations begun colonising this beautiful kingdom of Africa. You think money can solve problems, in this nation it only makes problem worse because you do not want to walk to the footsteps of our African ancestors, to feel their pain and suffering, to experience empathy not sympathy. How would you feel if your children and family were killed for no other reason than being who they are, then an apology is nothing more than filthy money (only because you have too, the world is watching). Hopefully this thinking will end, and this damn racism that white and black people seem to continuously bring will end, this is Africa, you don’t have a colour in this rainbow nation. Learn the meaning of ubuntu, not the word, the way of life, learn what it means to be an African, learn to be united in diversity. I can only hope that everyone in Southern Africa stops blaming game and rather choses the path of unity and healing.

      • Saffa Coza

        WOW! PeaceLoveLight, you do the victim thing so well! Guess you have had decades of practice of making your case.
        The United Nations has been asking your beloved ANC for over a decade to declare the Khoisan people as the First Nation, and the ANC HAS REPEATEDLY REFUSED!!! Believe me I am well aware of the Khoi SAN and Hadzu and Pygmies which the Bantu have wiped off the face of the earth!
        Here is the true evil: the BANTU EMPIRE:

        • PeaceLoveLight

          But didn’t the European empires do the exact same thing? None of your statements do you acknowledge the deeds done instead you blame blame blame. You speak of the true evil, yet the european nations have done the same thing to Africa and the records prove it. And once again you are speculating, large amounts of the SAN descendants of were wiped out by European nations, visit the Northern cape and Namibia regions, speak to the elders of the Khomani and etc, they will enlighten you. Anyways it does appear that you have no interest in listening, you have no interest in learning what it is to be an African (this has got nothing to do with your skin colour), you only have an interest in bringing Europe/West to Africa it appears. One day I hope we can share a beverage or a peace pipe of ancient ways and laugh about how silly all of this is/was and move forward united so that our children (and their children, and their children, …) have a chance at future that doesn’t carry the sickness of the past. Blessings for the future, I hope you find peace and do not feel like you are being oppressed, it is a terrible, if you were born on this land you have a right to be here regardless of the conditions. And to quote the late Tata Madiba “If the ANC does to you what the apartheid government did to you, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the apartheid government”. Lastly, I can only hope that you see me, not as your enemy, but a child and son of Africa (as I hope you are too), not black nor white or any label like that but one who is fighting to keep this sacred kingdom safe, to protect the way of Africa, it is the oldest and in my opinion arguably the most beautiful known to man. Peace love & light always -c

          • Saffa Coza

            PeaceLoveLight – interesting name – do you not see that the whole narrative has been onesided till now? Yes the Europeans colonised and did horrendous things, BUT SO DID THE BANTU. Why is it never mentioned? Blacks can be just as racist if not more so than whites.
            All I am trying to do is achieve the balance. Did you know there were MORE irish slaves captured and taken to Americas than black slaves? And those Irish slaves had less value!! WHY DOES NO ONE EVER MENTION THAT? Always the poor black victim…
            Where is the balance? Certainly not in the media!
            Yes, I am a white african who believes we have just as much right to our little spot in Africa. Speaking of which, where is the balance in this? Everyone shouts diversify Europe, in other words send millions of non whites to the white homeland, yet no one shouts DIVERSIFY AFRICA?? Why not, where is the balance? Should they not also send millions of whites to Africa instead of trying to destroy the few who have been there for 350 years?

            And lastly it sounds like you do not fully understand what true diversity is?

          • PeaceLoveLight

            Can I ask you something, can we have a proper dialogue? This is what I tried with my previous post, if that was not clear then I would like to state that now. I have a simple question for you. (Hypothetically speaking) We’ve never met, I come to your home, I enter your home, you allow me to stay, then I start bringing my own tradition into your home, a home that you have worked hard to keep running well, one that is well balanced and thriving. In my tradition hunting cattle every day is common or normal, in your home you do not allow this and for good reason (you know that in your tradition, you only hunt cattle certain times of the year, else they wont be replenished and will lead to famine) but you allow me to do it anyway. Then I start to thrive
            and more of your family start moving over to my tradition and hunt continuously. The more I grow the more your tradition is lost. Is this the diversity you speak of? Because to me, I don’t believe that is diversity, not too long you will be gone and lost forever. However what if I left my traditions in the place that I came from and begun learning your traditions, the beauty and understanding why we do not hunt cattle all the time, is this not a healthier form of diversifying that has a positive impact that does not result in your old and wise tradition being destroy? Please let me know your thoughts.

            Peace love & light always

          • Saffa Coza

            I have heard that allegory before. I see it this way. YOU did as you described above, and moved into someone else’s house (The Khoisan) and replaced all their traditions with yours. We then came and moved in next door and then also bought (or were awarded) some of the land you took from the Khoisan. You then once again,moved into our place, YET THIS TIME, we had to support you and give you jobs and educate you and even build houses for you. Then, you took over all our customs and traditions that we had taught you… and then you started calling the place we built yours…
            Let’s just call it quits, please understand that the Communists have distorted ALL our views in their greedy effort to create a One World State and dominate it. Let us rather give everyone their own bit of ground to live as peaceful neighbours, each responsible for his own. that is after all the natural way as it has been for thousands of years before the communists started with their social engineering… good fences make good neighbours…

          • PeaceLoveLight

            What is sad that is that you assume I am from the what you refer to the bantu nation or black, I never once said that. You also assume I support the ANC. I have tried to have meaning dialogue with you yet you refuse. I have tried to bring across the view of SAN (khoisan) nation, the first people, yet you didn’t take time to read what I was saying. You responded with assumption and emotion, I have tried to find a way, yet you refuse. Maybe try re-reading my post and see what I am advocating for. Again you blame and assume many thing, this path that you are on leads to destruction and its choice that you are making. My people have been persecuted by what you refer to as white and black nations. And even today, now, you are doing the same. So its seems to me you will have to learn through adversity. In Africa we had no boarders until your forefathers arrived and brought sickness to this land, it is a western notion. Don’t talk about good neighbour because clearly you don’t understand what that means. You are going to learn a very very very hard lesson and that is your choice, that is your arrogance.

          • Saffa Coza

            No PeaceLove Light, you choose to see me as an enemy and an oppressor. You have largely been brainwashed to do that. Sorry if I assumed you to be nguni, but I did so given they are the majority and your tone.
            I have said many times I agree with the Khoisan being the first nation. It is the ANC who are denying it and have refused for a decade to acknowledge it as the UN has demanded of them. The real oppressors of Africa are the nguni / bantu. Did you know there are only 1,000 Hadzu individuals left? They are the second nation / group after Khoisan and before the Bantu. Yet another tribe the bantu / nguni have slaughtered in their imperial migration southwards. Given their track record, they would certainly have wiped out all existence of the Khoisan had the Europeans not arrived. Africa has 7,000 languages yet only 50 countries? I am always puzzled at how the Khoisan / coloured people choose to side with the nguni and can only assume it is due to the big lies told in the media by ANC / Communist Party.
            That said, would you have all the Europeans go back to Europe and all the Bantu go back to Central Africa? That is what your stance says to me…

          • PeaceLoveLight

            No Saffa CoZa, again you are making assumptions, in my previous post I spoke about seeing me not as your enemy but as a child and son of Africa …, then more assumptions that I have been brainwashed, my education is from my father, who is white and european descent, the academics of Stellenbosch and old veterans of Apartheid, then I live in one of the most dangerous communities where trauma is experienced daily caused by Apartheid. More assumptions that we are siding with bantu, I spoke clearly about being African. There is no lies when you are living and experiencing the trauma everyday. I don’t side with bantu, I side with Africa and all the people being affected by the current state of things, I side with how Africa is being abused. Did you take the time to really read what I wrote? And now you continue to only see what you want, it appears that you don’t tend to see that your actions is that of oppression, it appears that you continue to speak down to me. I tried, I ask, I even state clearly can we have proper dialogue. You are blaming the Bantu nations and I’m sorry those who european nations who came to this land are as much to blame as all the oppressors of Africa. As a matter of interest, from my experience, Coloured / Khoisan people mostly side with white nations because of the past and the fear and trauma white nations have put them through, they even hate on their own people, they hate on bantu and other nations, while holding the european ways in high regard but I am glad to see that the new generations are waking up and realising that they are people and not the dirty “animals” as we have been labelled. I appreciate that you apologise and I apologise if my tone came across in manner that is unsettling this was not my intension but I do believe that it improved with every post, I don’t feel that same from your side, only in your last post did things improve somewhat. With all that being said, I would have, as I have stated in my previous post, that we share a beverage and a future together, I don’t want children of Africa (regardless of descent) suffering because of the sickness of the past, I’d rather have us working towards building a better Africa. Respecting and living the ancient wisdom of Africa and this beautiful land, not creating another Europe, America or etc. And I would love to see everyone taking responsibility for the current state instead of blaming and blaming and blaming and blaming, this is only going to result in war. You can assume that the Khoisan would’ve been wiped out but in reality the europeans came to this land and did it too, they brutalised our Khoisan nations, this is not assumption, this is fact backed by empirical evidence. I don’t see you an enemy, I see you as my African brother that I am trying to teach that you have to acknowledge and take responsibility for what has been done to this land instead of blaming others, all of us have to. I am trying to teach that Africa has an ancient wisdom and way of existence that brings peace and harmony, that it may be the key to resolving all the trauma and blood shed, and that this is Africa not Europe, or America or some other place. That we have to respect the way of Africa or things are only going to get worse. The choice is yours.

          • lewis

            Hi you made some very good points but, you made some that does not make sense to me.

            First of all for any nation that seeks to build it self up ap should not seek unity but seek seperation …..you can not have one nation ruling over another and expect them not to be oppressed.

            Any nation in history that was oppressed by another or that was ruled over …..seeked freedom and wanted to be govern by there own…..and started what?YES a revolution because that was the only way how they would be free.

            Thats why the San nation and it descends (coloured)are receiving hard end of this rainbow nation.

            Ubuntu is not ment for other nations its ment for your fellow brother of your own people so that when you see he is poor… you help him even if you hate him a because he is your brother.

            So Ja my views are we should seek seperation from whites (the devils) of this earth and the blacks that struck a seek with them.

            Do you think San should get reperation for what was done to them….from the land and identity taken from us, slavery raping and murdering.

            Let’s put that to the debate instead if silly things like Rhodes must fall.

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  • Volks Nuus Netwerk

    Marius Smith:
    There is another couple of factors involved here: 1. The prison number system includes the notorious 28 gang. They rob, steal, kill and rape. They are distinguished from the other numbers because they rape. They gangrape so that the lesser members of lower rank can improve their status in the group. They need to let blood flow in the process and a killing after the rape increases their ranking directly. That is why they appear smug in court. They have achieved their goal!
    Mandela was known as the father of all 28’s. He and the other 11 Rivonia accused started the prison number system in Pollsmoor prison. Mandela was known as Skokijan ngakulu (upper chief) of the 28’s while he was in prison. They used their knowledge of revolutionary methods which they learned from the Communist Russians and implemented this in prison to form the prison number system. This system infiltrated all societies of SA and cannot be turned around because it progressed to far. 2. While I was involved in Army intelligence in the old SANDF, we could never prove that there were special ANC units that didn’t leave SA for MK training, but remained home to commit crime to put fear into whites by using crime.
    Today I have met such a person and he carries the rank of a general within the 28’s. He stopped his criminal ways in 1994 because his war was now over. 2 years ago pres Zuma called for all pre-1994 structures to be activated again. The news media and opposition parties voiced their opinions loudly, but the call was not pulled back. This is the same criminal “3rd force” units that now operate to force fear into the white community and they also target other races to punish them for their opposition to the ANC. 3. This part has been noted but needs more investigation: the 28 unit will send a member to beg from a white person or ask for work and if the white person rejects the request in a negative way, they will be seen as racist and in need of “corrective actions” ie theft, rape and possible murder.

  • Saffa Coza

    “ANC have declared all white farms war-zones. White families are targets” – BBC July 1987

    On the 10 July 1987, when the path to peaceful negotiations in South Africa was already starting, the BBC reported the ANC as saying “The ANC have declared all white farms war-zones… White families are targets, as part of the military & paramilitary units” – BBC July 10 1987. It seems the ANC are still perpetrating this genocidal form of ethnic cleansing 28 years later.

    While the whole world is Celebrating the start of a brand new year I would like you to spare a thought, nay a few thoughts for the victims and families of the 217 White South Africans who were butchered by Black Savages in 2014 alone. Many were first savagely tortured, raped and brutalised.

    This is slightly higher than the 213 White South Africans were murdered by Black attackers in 2013 and, just 3 hours into the New Year 2015 the list has already started with another murder of a man shot in his sleep through a window.