White Slaves In South Africa: Black Municipality Raises Taxes by 16000% and disconnects Electricity as Blackmail

The saying that you should not expect results from the work you did not do, does not seen to apply in South Africa where 85% of the Taxpayers did NOT vote for the ruling party. 

As from July 2015 Thabazimbi Municipality increased the rates and taxes of the mine from R660,000 per annum to a WHOPPING R114 Million per year!

And no it is not a misprint or typo error.

That is almost Sixteen Thousand Percent and they consider it fair!


The municipality disconnected the electricity on Monday. They were without power till yesterday afternoon about 3 o’clock.
Yesterday there was a court case in Pietersburg on the matter for an application for an interdict against the Municipality that they must reconnect the electricity again.

The million dollar question, is whether the Municipality is even paying the money over to the electricity provider Eskom, as many municipalities in SA seem to just pocket it, leaving Eskom with huge unpaid bills.



This will almost certainly close the mine with the resulting loss of jobs and income, yet all the black residents of SOWETO get free electricity… some for as long as 14 years!

This once again underlines the perception in Southern Africa where the white man and his activities are seen as a cash cow and gravy train. No wonder the rest of Africa refer to Southern African blacks as lazy…



Seems the above does not apply in Southern Africa thanks to white indulgence of black “victimhood”

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