White people are white because they are cheats and they are cheats because they are white – ANC Mayor

Freestate | The executive mayor of the Mangaung Metro, Olly Mlamleli, allegedly stated that “White people are white because they are cheats and they are cheats because they are white,” during a Budget Meeting of the Mangaung Metro.

It will now the the task of the South African Human Rights Commission (HRC) to decide is this constituted hate speech as trade union Solidarity is in the process of laying a complaint against her. At the moment, court papers are also being drawn up to take the matter to the Equality Court.

In response, Connie Mulder, head of the Solidarity Research Institute (SRI) said this statement comes as the latest in a whole series of racist statements made by ANC office bearers.

“This statement confirms the findings of Solidarity’s research into selective racism which was the focus of a recent campaign, namely that government officials are on a regular basis guilty of racism without fear of the consequences.”

“What makes this particular statement so extremely disconcerting is the fact that in March this year, the very same Ms Mlamleli suspended a Mangaung employee because of racism. In that instance, the municipality dealt with the matter swiftly and firmly suspending the employee, Mr Chris Kruger, because of a racist post on Facebook. Even Free State premier, Ace Magashule, entered the fray, stating that there was no room for racists, neither in the Free State nor in South Africa. We agree wholeheartedly with Premier Magashule and we expect a similar reaction in response to the remarks made by the mayor of the Mangaung Metro Municipality,” Mulder added.

“We can’t sit back and allow divisive anti-white rhetoric, coming from prominent ANC figures in particular, to carry on unabated. All we are asking is that Ms Mlamleli be measured by her own yardstick of racism and that she takes a taste of the medicine she dishes out to other racists. We need leaders who can appease racial emotions rather than incite such emotions. You cannot fight racism by committing it,” Mulder cautioned.

Original article written by: Grant Foster | SA Promo Magazine

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  • zeb doz

    sounds like you folks in South Africa might need a few lessons from the KKK

  • Victor Coetzee

    The chances of getting pregnant is better than this black mayor being convicted of hate speech,time is running out and civil war is at the door

    • Dex Stocker

      Sorry to say Victor. IMHO if civil unrest did break out it would result in white genocide. There are just not enough folks to bare arms.

    • Chris Potgieter

      This post by Mr Coetzee is NOW 2 months old and no civil war has erupted. He sounds just like a typical ‘swart gevaar’ exponent from the NP era! The average black person is not stupid and they know that the ANC politicians are creating these hate speeches because they are going to lose the next elections.

  • Greenfaerieangel Bush

    God is the Creator of skin colors, black ppl have no say here. May God punish y’all black skin haters….

  • Sam Lane

    So much for your Nelson Mandela legacy. Opened up wide this whole can of worms. South Africa has never been the same since. Man of peace my ass..