While mostly white South Africa has countrywide Blackouts, construction at overdue new Power Station is on African time with shortened working hours.

Jacob Zuma alluded to white people claiming that they do things better than blacks in his State of the Nation address. Let us look at what is arguably one of the most important and biggest projects undertaken by his black regime which should be a flagship example.

The state-owned utility’s inability to complete the Kusile and Medupi power plants is consuming billions of rands.

Already four years behind schedule, the Limpopo coal power station is now only projected to be fully on line by 2019 at the earliest. Medupi delays have led to the utility forking out nearly R2-billion in penalties to supplier Exxaro.

Given these extreme circumstances one would imagine work is taking place around the clock?

The working staff gets the last day of each month off as well as half the previous day for pay day.

General workers arrive between eight and nine and start working on the new substations by ten.

Lunch starts at about 11:30 and finishes about 14:00

They leave at about 15:30. These are the general workers pulling in new cables, moving panels etc.

So very little real work gets done because of the short working hours.

In a substation, the air conditoning system is not working because the controller is the wrong type. It has taken four months to find a replacement. It was 40 degrees in the substation.

The two main chimneys at Medupi have been built facing the wrong direction. They are 180 degrees the wrong way round.

This means the pipework will all have to be changed. The efficiency of the blowers will be affected as the pipework is incorrect.

The management of staff is a mess. The staff sit and look at you if you ask them to do anything. They know that if they don’t like what you are asking, they can on strike and they have done it. So nobody messes with them.

The engineer who signed off the building of the chimneys the wrong way round has disappeared. There was insufficient management oversight. The wrong air conditioning unit in the substation is also due to lack of management.

There is basically no one in charge as no-one takes the lead for fear of being fired for not performing and the skill set to do the work is not there.

And all this in the name of BEE.


Apparently the “kitchen” or food contract is run by the local ANC mayor or leader
The workers are guaranteed a hot lunch every day.

There is a central kitchen and mess.
Thus a worker who is an hour away from the kitchen, is transported in a little bus. His lunch hour only starts when he picks up the plate to be served.
So an hour lunch break lasts 2 or 3 hours in some sections

When the workforce was on strike the lunch providers were paid full value – not just the profit section even though they were not supplying any meals.
The lunch contract has come up for review 3 times and every time the same person is awarded the contract despite better or other bids

Now this is just lunch.

Imagine the rest ?

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Below is a meme doing the rounds on social media which expresses how many whites feel about the crisis.



The question needs to be asked whether they are so efficient at redistributing taxpayers money with corruption and greed, that delays and failed projects are deliberately “allowed” in order to charge and extract huge penalty payments? 

Is this what Jacob Zuma means when he says blacks can do it better?


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