What Zuma Said Before He Was President… As Khoza Calls For Him To Step Down

Watch What Jacob Zuma Said Before He Was President

In an old Australian TV interview, before he was made President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma spoke candidly about the “propaganda” against him and his book-keeping skills, about the views of others that he was corrupt and about the name his father gave him.

Zuma said he loved the people and had “dedicated my life to fight for the people and free them”.

His brother Silas said he didn’t believe any of the corruption charges against his brother, and that Zuma was a true people’s person… with the difference between Zuma and most people being that “he helps people, and that’s what sets him aside”.

Zuma said their father had named him “the one who laughs with you while endangering you”… but that only a part of it is correct – the laughing part. “I laugh,” he said, “but I’m not a danger to anyone, not a danger at all.”

After watching the below video, one Zuma supporter said: “Zuma has an amazing heart and is a born leader. But like all of us, he too is human. That’s why we will always stand by him, no matter what they say. Coz we know his heart.

Mr President Please Step Down: Makhosi Khoza

Meanwhile fast forward to 2017, and after eight years as South Africa’s President many of the people of his nation, including civil society groups are calling for him to step down. The latest to enter the fray is ANC MP Dr Makhosi Khoza.

According to SABC reports, Khoza has been under fire from within the ANC for publicly backing a secret ballot when MPs vote in the motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma next month.

Last week she said her daughter had even received death threats.

Watch Dr Mackhosi Khoza’s Impassioned Plea For Jacob Zuma To Step Down As President


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