Man murdered and photo’s sent from his phone to his family! Mainstream media silent!

A young Afrikaner named Pierre Etienne de Necker, 23, died on Saturday pm from a brutal beating in Belfast the previous evening, by a mob who reportedly shouted.. “You are white and white people did this to our people…’

Pictures the killers had taken of his comatose body before he was rushed to hospital (one example here) were sent to the De Necker family from a cellphone afterwards.

(*The family has given permission to us for publication of this photo to show the cruelty with which this murder is being treated by the gang which had sent it to them – as if to taunt them with their deed.) HOWEVER IT HAD TO BE REMOVED DUE TO GOOGLE POLICIES.

he pictures sent to the family show a handgun which had apparently been placed on top of the blood-puddle forming beneath the comatose Afrikaner, but this Luger gun has since then disappeared. The family said that Pierre de Necker had never owned any firearms whatsoever.


The gun has since disappeared, as has De Necker’s cellphone, said the family. Mr De Necker ‘s death certificate was signed by a female doctor at the Belfast Hospital on Saturday-afternoon. Workers from Belfast Bricks outlet who tried to rescue the young man were kept back from the scene and were unable to help him.


Mr de Necker’s body is to be taken to Middelburg Mpu for a post-mortem examination to determine the exact death cause — as an inquest hearing will have to be held, by law, the police in Mpumalanga said

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