The SABC wants you to PAY PAY PAY for the sins of Hlaudi

Look we’ve all heard quite a few ridiculous things come from government officials over the years, we’re even used to ridiculous things coming out of the SABC (#RememberHlaudi). It seems though, that the SABC may still be on the crazy train, that’s if you listen to the latest comment by their CEO at least…

Channel24 reports that CEO James Aguma sent people into a state of shock on Wednesday as he told parliament that the SABC wants the broadcasting act changed. So why does Mr Aguma want it changed? He says that it should be made to include more viewing devices (computers, cellphones, tablets etc), all so more people need an SABC TV licence.

Aguma and the new SABC interim board were addressing parliament’s portfolio committee on communications, the group briefed MPs on the latest at the collapsing public broadcaster. He stated that the SABC is having to budget for lower revenue from TV licences this year. This revelation by Aguma is clearly the reason behind the call to change the Broadcasting Act, therefore making it mandatory to pay a TV License for any device you view content on.

The way TV Licences are currently set up, people are required to pay the fee for a device that can receive a TV SIGNAL. The advancement and popularity of services like Netflix and Showmax, means that millions of people are now watching their “TV” through a computer, tablet or even their cell phone screen.

Aguma did tell parliament that if the act was changed in such a way, it would grow the collection base for the SABC and therefore help increase much needed revenue.

Previously, industry insiders have revealed that the SABC are months behind in terms of paying TV producers. SABC 3 is said to be the worst off and on the brink of a shut down. Some insiders even insist that the SABC will only be able to survive with a large scale bailout.

TV licence for your cellphone and laptop though? Don’t bet on that being approved.

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