The Path To Freedom Must Be Decided By The Boer Afrikaner People

The Boer-Afrikaner Volksraad (BAV) has completed its mandate, and now it is for the people to decide on what further action must be taken to get the indisputable right to self-determination.

For this reason, the BAV is calling on the people to meet again on Saturday, 3 June 2017 at 10:00 at the Paardekraal Monument in Krugersdorp for a decision to be taken.

With the election of the Volksraad, the voters gave the Council the task of the Boer-Afrikaner people’s right to demand land for self-determination from the South African government, and if the government does not respond favorably, the Volksraad must call on the international community to act as a mediator in this dispute.

Several other similar opportunities will be held elsewhere in the country during the following weeks.

Source: Die Vryburger

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