Much as is the case with the term “democracy”, the term “colonialism” is frequently used by the New South African powers that be without any clear understanding of what exactly it means. Over the last 2 decades we have heard that colonialism is to be blamed for almost everything from poverty to unemployment to racism to drought to schools being burned down to the expense of making pap.

A while ago an ANC MP claimed that Van Riebeeck arrived 2000 years ago (sic) to colonise Africa. Poor Van Riebeeck merely wanted to set up a tuck shop by the seaside, not that he needed permission from the municipality because he might have blocked traffic or spoil the view from the apartment blocks at Camp’s Bay. All of that arrived AFTER colonisation.

Poor Helen Zille bent over backwards to apologise to baas Musi for even mentioning colonialism!

It is, however, Andile Mngxitama of the EFF who admitted to what we’ve been arguing all along. He argues that destruction is the opposite of decolonisation. Quite contrary to what the DA and FW de Klerk and Max du Preez and other liberals have been dishing up for 20 years, decolonisation does not mean replacing our way of life with a more Afrocentric way of life reflected in a society of complete equality and multiculturalism. It basically means: Destroy everything and return to the bush.

Andile admits that the urge for education, for learning and industry and growth and development is a colonialist thing. Decolonisation means the opposite. What Andile fails to mention is that universities are full of students, not the other way around. Therefore, by burning down the universities, there will be no more students. We will be a country of shepherds, hunters and beer-drinking, pot-bellied lazybones lolling about in the sun or the shade (depending on the season) voluptuously watching the women working in the corn-fields and not be bothered about the day of tomorrow.

What he forgets is that there will be no infrastructure, no cell phone, no air time, no wifi, no BMW, no T-shirt, no taxi, no Chinashop wigs, no two-tone shoes…and God forbid (!) No KFC Streetwise 2 with pap!

But the very most preposterous thing about Andile’s statement is the fact that he uses that very symbol of colonialism, that thing which is so treasured and admired by him and his buddies, to convey his message about the destructive antonym of colonialism…the English language of course!

Daniel Lötter

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