The Five Racecard Trick: Why Thabo Mbeki Was Not Charged With Genocide. Are ICC / UN too scared of being called racist?

The Five Racecard Trick: Why Thabo Mbeki Was Not Charged With Genocide. Are the ICC and UN too scared of being called racist? Does the Five Card Trick give Black Leaders Immunity and Impunity?

It does not take much digging in news reports and current affairs to find countless examples of the racecard being used as a get out jail free card. Even worse, it is a ticket to commit unspeakable crimes with impunity as we have seen with all the rapes of children in communities like the infamous Rotherham in UK where 1,400 children were raped by muslim assimilation gangs (aka rapefugees), but were not prosecuted because the police were too scared of being called racist. This has occurred in dozens of communities across UK and the world, but Mass Media and TV channels seem to have a vested interest in ignoring it. Or are they ignoring it? Are they not also simply scared of being victimised with false accusations of “perceived” racism and overt political correctness?

Indeed, if this racebaiting get out of jail free card is so prevalent, surely it would also exist at the highest level of politics and political correctness? It would be naive, dumb and complicit to pretend it does not.

Back on earth, where the real people, who don’t REALLY matter to elites, live, despite mass media fluffy white cloud rainbow propaganda, the price is paid…

It is a frosty cold morning on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Children aged between 6 and 17 are queuing up for their “morning meds”, shivering as they greet the nurse assigned to supervise them. It’s now part of their daily routine before they skip off into the yard and get bussed off to school.
These youngsters are a walking, breathing, living testimony to South Africa’s shameful recent past. No, this is long after apartheid, and is a crime far worse… by western standards, but by African standards this is life, as Thabo Mbeki infamously stated, the “African Way”.

When a minority in the ANC / Thabo Mbeki leadership allowed politics to overshadow science and refused to accept the potent reality of HIV/Aids, it deliberately and publicly delayed the rollout of preventative treatment and exposed tens of thousands of newborns to disease.

Most of the youngsters popping their taxpayer / charity paid for pills were infected in the womb.
When the rest of the world was rolling out a drug called Nevirapine to reduce the chances of mothers transmitting the virus to their offspring, elements within the ANC leadership, under Thabo Mbeki infamously advised patients to use lemon and garlic instead, to protect themselves… that folks is genocide.

Evil Prospers When Good Men Do Nothing


Even though South Africa reviewed its position in the face of international criticism these stats will forever be Thabo Mbeki’s legacy:

340,000 new infections in 2014 (931 a day)
2,700 young people infected every week – 74% girls
More than half a million infected in the past year
140,000 recorded Aids deaths every year
Many Aids deaths go unreported, so it is estimated there are more than 400 aids deaths each day. Source: UNAids, 2014

The worst legacy however, is reserved for his holiness mandela and is an unspoken one. One so horrible and unimaginable in its savagery and barbarism that the media won’t touch it and anyone who alludes to it is castigated and their lives are viciously destroyed, as was done to Judge Jansen recently.

The master, and biggest profiteer of the of the Five Racecard Trick, is mandela, who could flush a full house five card trick,  out with just a mere self pitying smile. The legacy he leaves, the most horrible of all which very few dare mention, is that of infant rape. Yes, the African Way has it that raping a baby will somehow cure you of Aids. This practice started and was rampart during mandela’s regime. Did he once stand up to tell his people to stop? Did he once stand up and tell his worshipers that it will not cure aids? Idolaters who fell at his his feet and clung to every word he uttered would surely have heeded his call?

No, not a word – he too is complicit and guilty of a genocide of unimaginable horrors. The world’s PC saint who stood by and allowed countless black babies to fall prey to this primitive ideology of witchcraft. Then again, why would mandela care, with the Five Card Trick he was immune and could do no wrong, besides he had accolades and praises to indulge in…

Mandela peace 10540922_668142989939767_2143589220555668849_n


Black population explosion masks crimes against humanity

Despite a horrible 400, mostly black AIDS related deaths a day, the black population is still growing exponentially while the white and coloured populations are shrinking. Another Fifty, mostly black people, are murdered EVERY day in South Africa, yet still the black population thrives. It begs the question, if so many people were dying in the minority white, colored and indian populations, would it be far more noticed and indeed acted upon? Is the black population explosion somehow masking the problem and reducing the value of black lives, so much so that over 400 deaths and nearly 50 murders a day hardly raise an eyebrow from the bastions and high temples of political correctness? Or does the stony silence come from, once again, fear of being called racist? Whichever way you cut the deck, it is a classic element of genocide.


The fourth reason is one even more powerful than the racecard itself, one that has been grown, nurtured, promoted, promulgated, propagandised, weaponised, distorted, exaggerated, worn on the sleeve and taken advantage of on so many occasions on so many levels that it is now akin to the mighty Holocaust. Where in similar fashion, the mere mention of the word Apartheid brings out the cheque books and sends any balanced, reasonable discretion, discourse and judgement running for cover, while the African despot of the day takes his turn to eat at the table of mass excess…

…while deftly and without remorse they play the “Five Card Trick” or full house to escape any inquiry or accountability.


Even though the facts are that the same amount of, once again mostly black people, are murdered EVERY YEAR under ANC black rule as were murdered throughout the ENTIRE 40 years of apartheid. (Shhh, don’t tell your TV channels, seems they do not know).

Jacob Zuma certainly has learnt it well, with his constant, racebaiting, claiming the African Way whilst constantly beating the dead Apartheid horse, all the while a skyrocketing black population (500% since 1950) makes it look like all is well… No doubt the Four Card Trick veteran Mugabe has taught these slight of mouth magic tricks to his protegé malema, who like Mugabe, is backed by UK big money and political interests.

Zuma is straying from his “special interest” masters and the Five Card Trick will not give him immunity for long…



The Five Card Trick:
Racebating: Using an accusation of racism to avert blame and attention from yourself and the true crime.
African Way: Claims like corruption is a western concept.
Black population explosion: 900% Population growth in the last century, thanks mostly to the wonders of Western medicine masks and hides the genocide black leaders perpetrate on their own – black lives are disposable and quickly replaced..
Apartheid horse: The mass media has built such a false perception around apartheid it is now on a par with the Holocaust and just the mention of the word sends any white person running for cover.
Slavery: Even thought whites never started slavery, THEY did end it, much to the chagrin of black and arab “leaders”. Even though similar amounts of white Irish slaves where sent to the Caribbean where they were only worth 5 pounds as opposed to 50 pounds for blacks, and even though white Irish slaves where deliberately racemixed with black slaved, to make the black slaves more appealing, we never hear of an Irishman playing the victim game. Yet, it is has been made so implicit in modern day culture that whites and non whites grow up being taught whites somehow “owe” blacks for what the British and Jewish slavetraders did to the blacks. Once again it was genocidal black leaders that captured blacks from other tribes, in the African Way, and sold them off to the British and Jewish traders.

Truth be told, if I were a black person or a black leader, I would have to wonder how much of what I accomplish or achieve is influenced by the colour of my skin and white fear or guilt. Yes, you guessed it: welcome to black privilege, the Five Card Trick…



Yet still an estimated 400 people die in South Africa every single day of HIV-related illnesses, either because they don’t seek help early or default on their treatment. That message – that you can still die from the Aids virus – is being drowned in a sea of racebaiting and getting lost. South Africa is not alone. More than two million adolescents around the world are living with HIV, according to Unicef. Most of them are in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.
It still remains the biggest cause of death among young people in Africa and the number of lives lost in this group has tripled in the past 16 years.
Yet still the AIDS issue takes a back seat, even when it is debated at the 21st International Aids Conference currently on in Durban, where a national outcry about perceived racism and a clichéd adjective used by a hapless Penny Sparrow in describing black beach goers, where no one died, is far more important than 450 BLACK LIVES EVERY SINGLE DAY!!
Wow, that is some trick!

Seems Black Lives Matter needs to start listening to themselves and practice what they preach, because as we are witnessing in USA where policemen are being murdered simply for being white, racebaiting is coming home to roost and it might be time to ante up, or, cash out, take the red pill and get a real life.

Stop living someone else’s live and switch off the TV.

by Don Deon

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