The Day The ANC Became Above The Law…And Stayed There

By Mike Smith
I believe that nothing in the world is as useless as saying K*****s are useless, but once again the Kafricans showed us that they are in fact Kafrican’ts, Kafric*nts (or as one of our readers calls them “Kafrasites”) who cannot/ could not even occupy their own head office today.

This past week, with great fanfare and announcement, they set out to occupy the ANC headquarters (Luthuli House) which is a 12-floor building at 54 Sauer Street, Johannesburg, but probably got lost and tried (like the 20,000 idiotically brave IFP Impi’s on the 28th of March 1994) to occupy the former ANC headquarters, “Shell House” a 22 storey building at 1 Plein Street.

The ANC relocated there in 1997.

Nevertheless, I was hoping to see a repeat of The Shell House Massacre when 19 IFP members (Zulus), armed with “Traditional weapons” (a euphemism for hiding the fact that they have never evolved past the Spearchucking Age) were mowed down by the ANC’s goons (MK veterans) situated in safety on top of the roof armed with AK47’s.

On Thursday the 1st of June 1995, President of South Africa at the time, Nelson Mandela, a Xhosa (traditional enemies of the Zulus) and much revered god of the white liberals and Kafric*nts alike, stood up in parliament and admitted that HE, the great Xhosa god of all the South African blacks, ordered the killing of the Zulu Impis.

Mandela to face police over killings at ANC head office

Basically, Mandela, Nobel Peace-Prize winner and mass murderer, challenged the world to arrest him. “Go ahead, do it” he said.

Who was going to arrest the Great Mandela? Nobody!

The limp-wristed, liberal white d**s of a Police Commissioner we had at the time, General George Fivas, cowered and backed off.

That day…was the signal to the ANC that they were above the law. That they could murder, rape, steal and do as they please…and boy did they take advantage…So good were they that half of their supporters don’t support them anymore.

Over the years a few incidents happened that tried to reverse the situation. On August 27, 2005, a fire broke out on the 6th floor of the building, primarily damaging the ANC’s Political Education and Training Unit.

On the 12th February 2014 the main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, planned a march on the building and the area was barricaded with coils of razor wire. The march was called off due to security concerns.

Today a bizarre thing happened when the ANC demonstrated against itself, but then backed off. The anti-Zuma ANC faction called the #OccupyLuthuliHouse movement withdrew. Fearing another Marikana Massacre when the ANC (Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa specifically) ordered the killing of 34 black miners and wounded 78.

The ANC seems to be turning more and more against their own people.

But wasn’t that what I have always maintained? That the ANC has never given a flying hoot for the blacks of SA? They only used them as voting fodder to get to power so they could steal the country into bankruptcy. The ANC has never been and will never be interested in “The liberation of black people” or their well being. The ANC is only interested in one thing and that is to enrich themselves. They are a bunch of Tsotsis and thieves who think nothing of killing their own people and stealing them blind.

Case in point for instance, is Joe Modise (“Bra Joe”) co-founder and Commander in Chief of the terrorist organisation Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) at one stage. He was the biggest Apartheid era double agent and former Defence Minister under Mandela, who was responsible for the greatest theft of all times that we taxpayers are still paying for today, The Arms Scandal.

Joe Modise was nothing but a disgusting gangster who killed hundreds of blacks who stood in his way. A township Tsotsi and common criminal who ran a stolen car racket along with an arms and drugs smuggling racket between Zambia and South Africa. Those he didn’t kill himself he betrayed and had them killed by the Apartheid hit squads. Those Vlakplaas agents were the ones who gave him the nickname “Bra Joe”.

“In it for myself and f**k everyone else” was Joe Modise’s slogan and today we still see that same kind of attitude from other ANC politicians.

Funny that his MK veterans today were prepared to “Kill for Zuma”… MK veterans say they were following Zuma’s orders to defend the ANC at all costs

…Kill their own people, that is; Kill fellow blacks and ANC supporters to defend a corrupt and useless president…not the ANC, I must add.

Fact of the matter is…every day that we, black and white South Africans, back off and let this useless f**k govern a few seconds longer or further, we condone and rubberstamp his theft and corruption. Here is the uncomfortable truth; WE keep them in power with our silence and inaction.

What I would have like to see, were 50 million South Africans rocking up on the doorstep of Luthuli House today…or at least somebody with a .308 WinMag and a Mil-dot somewhere from inside the FNB building taking aim at Gwede Mantashe as he accepted the “Zuma must go” memorandum from the protesters

Same effect. One intelligent man can make the ANC just as scared as 50 million stupid men.

In fact, I think all Governing Parties all over the world should permanently have their head-offices covered by at least 50 snipers from different 3-D angles….Maybe then we will have proper governance. Don’t you think?

I mean isn’t that what Zuma said? “Defending the ANC at all cost”?

What is then wrong with defending our constitutional freedoms “At all cost”?

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