The Colonial Propaganda Firm Paid By The ANC To Racially Divide South Africa

“If anyone is left looking gullible and ridiculous by these revelations it is the ANC’s Western liberal supporters and apologists.” – James Myburgh

Some conspiracy theories are actually conspiracy facts and truly mind blowing. For instance…

Last Wednesday the controversial UK based Public Relations (read propaganda) firm Bell Pottinger, disassociated itself from the Gupta family.

Bell Pottinger walks away from the Guptas

The company was paid £100,000 a month (About R1.7 million) to polish the image of the Guptas and Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane Zuma, with a “deflection campaign” using social media. The Bell Pottinger plan reportedly involved using, among other things, “fake bloggers, commentators and, Twitter bots”, involved in a fake news campaign to support messages critical of white monopoly capital and be defensive of the Guptas.

It was a special bargain price, probably with a few free samoosas thrown in, because the company usually charges in excess of £150,000 a month.

The “Daily Maverick” discovered at least 106 fake Twitter profiles that automatically reTweeted Tweets that were pro Gupta and anti Madonsela (former Public Protector) . The report explains exactly how this was traced by the Daily Maverick and appeared in an article on the 10th of November 2016. You can read it here:

Paid Twitter: Manufacturing dissent, helping Guptas

Bell Pottinger also organised the radio interview on 702 between Atul Gupta and Stephen Grootes and were asked by President Zuma himself to create a media climate to push forward his chosen successor, his former wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

The arms deal facilitator Fana Hlongwane and Duduzane Zuma were the intermediaries who would eventually pay R24 million of stolen taxpayer’s money to Bell Pottinger to racially divide South Africa so that they could carry on stealing while ordinary South Africans were distracted and busy fighting each other over “racial issues”.

The entire 21 page report has now been leaked out and uploaded onto the internet. It can be seen here:

READ: Alleged full report of Bell Pottinger’s Gupta PR plan The person in charge was the 33 year old Victoria Geoghegan, educated at the University of Manchester. She has spent time in SA working for Investec and Richemont, the company of South African billionaire Johann Rupert who owns amongst others, Cartier, Dunhill, Van Cleef & Arpels and Montblanc.

She obviously used her knowledge of South Africans, their psyche and the racial issues amongst the people of South Africa, as well as the stupid SA libtard media against them to racially divide them further and let them focus on each other instead of her pay-masters in the ANC and the Gupta family so that they could carry on stealing to their hearts content.

The reason why Bell Pottinger quit the Guptas was because the young lady Victoria Geoghegan and other co-workers started receiving death threaths.

My readers will remember that about a year and a half ago, during the summer of December /January 2015/2016 there was a sudden major surge in “Racial incidents” reported in the media. The Penny Sparrow saga was a major one. It was all manufactured and fed to the libtard media who was only too happy to play along.

Another thing that emerged was the sudden appearance of the vague term “White Monopoly Capital” that was suddenly the enemy of the state, the blacks, the EFF and idiots like Andile Mngxitama and his Black First Land First Organisation, Mzwanele Manyi and his “Decolonisation” Foundation, and others.

Another one of these organisations is “Uncensored Opinion” run by Pinky Khoabane, a columnist of the Gupta owned newspaper “The New Age”. She has 16,400 followers on Twitter.

About the cartoonist Zapiro who drew several rape cartoons of rapist president Zuma raping the justice system and him and the Guptas raping South Africa she said…”Cartoonist Zapiro whose real name is Jonathan Shapiro needs to be raped, hopefully by a gang, to be able to understand the horror of rape and to get it into his skull that rape is not funny”.

The funding of these organisations and their idiotic leaders was all organised by Bell Pottinger.

Of course, Afrikaans speaking Dr. Johann Rupert is no idiot and discovered this conspiracy bullshit and campaign to discredit him as the God Father of the “Stellenbosch mafia”. He is of course the Chancellor of Stellenbosch University. He discovered that he apparently controlled the South African media and were actually running the country behind the scenes and found out that the same company that was doing his PR work for the last 18 years was also now working against him on the side of the Guptas and the Zumas, the people who REALLY captured the state. So he fired the unscrupulous Bell Pottinger. So did Investec.

Said Rupert… “And while they were still in the employment of Richemont, they started working for the Guptas. The very same person … Their total task was to deflect attention from state capture allegations involving the Guptas. Guess who they took as a target? A client of theirs … me!”

Tja…talk about a stab in the back of note.

Currently there is a massive campaign to name and shame Victoria Geoghegan and the people of Bell Pottinger Campaign to name and shame Bell Pottinger executives grows

This company will do anything for money. The firm also worked for F.W de Klerk and helped devise a strategy for former president De Klerk when the National Party planned its election campaign in 1994. Some other clients include Asma al-Asad, wife of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and Augusto Pinochet, the former Chile dictator. They also helped murder convicted Oscar Pistorius secure teary-eyed interviews.

How Rupert was warned about Bell Pottinger

Interestingly enough, Bell Pottinger admitted to working on many African election campaigns like in Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia, etc doing speech writing, candidate presentation and other services. Most of these candidates were not funded by the parties , but by Third Party business interests.

The report states that one of these “Third Party Interests” is the South African Businessman and international arms dealer Ivor Ichikowitz ,born in Springs and owns the Paramount Group, an international arms dealing consortium who will sell to anybody.

Ivor Ichikowitz

Ivor Ichikowitz, another Bell Pottinger client, is a close ally of the ANC and Jacob Zuma and he provided the president with an aircraft to use for an ANC fundraising and business trip to Lebanon and Kazakhstan. Another flight by Zuma to the United States on an aircraft owned by Ichikowitz in 2011 caused considerable controversy when the cost (R 6.3 million) was questioned in parliament.

Twelve things you should know about Ivor Ichikowitz

International arms dealer and ANC funder Ivor Ichikowitz

The man who ran the Paramount Group Account at Bell Pottinger in London is an Afrikaner called Nico de Klerk who graduated from the University of the Free State and emigrated to the UK in 2006.

Villa di Ulignano in Tuscanny,
paid for courtesy of the SA taxpayers

Working for Bell Pottinger pays well. Victoria Geoghegan, recently got married at a lavish ceremony at the private Villa di Ulignano in Tuscanny that cost €17,000 a week to rent. Seems like 30 silver shekels go a long way.

Sunday Times Report: ‘White monopoly capital’ chosen distraction in PR strategy to clear Guptas


There are several things that stand out from this report.

1: The hypocrisy of the ANC and Zuma about “colonialism” being the evil origin of All South Africa’s problems, yet they have no problem to pay these colonial masters to polish their Gucci shoes.

2: They talk about “White Monopoly Capital” that needs to fall, but are selective to whom these “Whites” are, like Afrikaner Johann Rupert, but at the same time they are in bed with billionaire arms dealer Ivor Ichikowitz.

3: The ANC’s strategy of (Racially) Divide and Rule (Whilst we steal) is now exposed and clear. It is also clear that they will steal and waste millions of taxpayer’s money to implement and achieve that goal. It is a small price to pay for the billions they have stolen already and are still going to steal.

4: Blacks and white liberals who still support the ANC, Black First :Land First, and idiotic slogans and campaigns against “White Monopoly Capital” or “decolonisation” etc…have been taken for a ride by the ANC, the Guptas and a paid British Propaganda firm .

5: The racial divide in South Africa is today stronger than it ever was under Apartheid. It is now clear that this was a deliberate manufactured racial divide driven by the ANC and completely unnecessary. It has the potential to cause a violent racial civil war and genocide of whites in South Africa. It is arguably responsible for hundreds of racially motivated farm murders, rapes, tortures, hi-jackings and home invasions. The motive is clearly GREED by the ANC.

6: It affirms everything we have said on this blog over the past ten years. The ANC is not interested in peace or even reconciliation. They are not interested in good relations between the different races and people of South Africa. The ANC is not interested in nation building or uniting South Africans. A united South Africa is a threat to their Marxist hegemony over the diverse people of South Africa and a threat to their means to loot the state coffers freely into bankruptcy.

7: People of South Africa should realise the power that they have and what the totalitarian ANC and dictator Zuma fears the most. Once they realise that power, getting rid of the ANC and Zuma is a piece of cake.

 By Mike Smith
15th of April 2017

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