The African On Democracy, Dictatorship And Corruption. Understanding What The 2016 Local Elections Mean To Blacks

It is (local) elections week and the ANC seems to be in a bit of trouble.

In Kwa-Zulu Natal. several ANC nominated candidates were murdered by ANC “voters” who wanted others. Nothing new in Africa. It is nothing but racist tribal infighting. Fully normal; Zulu’s don’t want Xhosas, Pedis or Sothos to be their councillors and vice versa.

The Afrikaans media mentioned that the army and police have been put on standby because the ANC stand a good chance of losing former major strongholds in three metros (Pretoria Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth). Large scale violence is anticipated.

Election hanging in the balance

Of course, the ANC is going to go on a rampage when they lose. The ANC is only interested in democracy when THEY can win. I have said it many times before, Democracy is wasted on blacks.

It is a foreign concept to them. They don’t understand it and they don’t want it. The blacks want a CHIEF. A “main ou”. A dictator…and so what if he is corrupt?

Today when liberals look back at the Homelands system or the “Bantustans” as the media dubbed it then they are quick to snidely point out that those were “corrupt dictatorships”, but as my article from 17th of October 2014 pointed out, blacks don’t mind dictatorships. They don’t mind corruption.

Zuma described corruption as a Western Paradigm and even if it was a crime, a crime where there are “no victims”.

As the Nigerian newspaper above reported, “Zuma’s standpoint is similar to the position of Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan, who described corruption as mere common stealing, perhaps undeserving of the opprobrium attached to it internationally.”

You can try to explain this to Western White Liberals and they will cringe, press their hands over their ears and close their eyes because they believe they can teach blacks about democracy.

Reality check: Look at Africa. It has failed every single time. Every single black state has gone back to dictatorship, because what liberals don’t get is that “Democracy” is NOT the natural form of government for Africans; “Dictatorship” is the natural form of government for blacks.

In 2014 I tried to explain this African mindset in this article: Julius Nyerere and the mind of the African

You can read my article dated 17th of October 2014 for the full details of how Julius Nyerere, the former dictator of Tanzania, one of the “Great liberators” of Africa and whom blacks call the “Teacher of Africa” introduced his African Socialist policies of ”Ujamaa” (oneness, togetherness) which the ANC calls ‘Ubuntu’ and how it plunged Tanzania into a failed state status and abject poverty.

In that article, I also mentioned how, according to Nyerere, it is only the West who calls the absence of an opposition a “Dictatorship”.

Six months after The Arusha Declaration of 1967, he held a few “teach-in” lectures (communist propaganda sessions) at the University College of Dar es Salaam where he explained what he meant in more detail. My source is the book, “Africa and the West, Vol2”, page 157-167.

According to Nyerere ‘Democracy’ in its finest form is the will of the people or like Abraham Lincoln said at the Gettysburg address and repeated in the French constitution: “government of the people, for the people and by the people”. (“gouvernement du peuple, par le peuple et pour le peuple”).

So if the people prefer a corrupt dictatorship, then that wish should be respected as “Democracy”.

See? Liberals always think they can turn blacks into idealistic carbon copies of themselves and they always think that blacks have the same needs and wants as whites. All blacks need is a little bit of education, a little shove in the right direction and they will be just as whites.

Nothing is further from the truth. You have to accept blacks the way they are, accept the fact that they are vastly different to whites and that their cultures, beliefs and values are different and incompatible with that of White Western Civilization. There can never be any compromise between the two and the solutions are actually quite simply; Total eradication of one by the other or total separation.

Now before all those white liberals choke on their daily brain food of cinnamon covered applesauce and compliment me by calling me a “racist” (as if they mean it is something bad) let me quote Vusamzulu “Credo” Mutwa, the Zulu Sangoma, on how blacks see democracy. I am quoting from his book, “Indaba my children” (original 1964, 1999 edition) which the Sunday Times called “A work of genius”.

Book IV, the chapter – “The knowledge of the Bantu – General”, Page 655-656

-Start of quote-

“Many of those interested in events in Africa today are surprised that the new emergent African states do not settle for the perfect democratic form of government with a recognized opposition, but that they all turn into dictatorships.

The truth is that the black man cannot fathom how a country can be governed by two enemies constantly at one another’s throats. Such a country can never be happy and stable.

To a black man, all disagreements must end in blows and secession. The black man has not the shallow flexible soul that most races have, and to be ruled by two squabbling parties is as alien and repugnant to his mind, as his way of doing things is repugnant to the European mind.

A black man can give his loyalty only to one set of rulers, who rule in a oneness of purpose for better or for worse. Sooner or later they find the dual loyalty encouraged by a two-party system not only clumsy and unwieldy but fatal as well, because to an African a member of the opposition is not merely the man who holds dissenting political views – he is a deadly enemy who must be killed.

Things like ‘friendly rivalry’ and an ‘agreement to disagree’ have no place in the mind of an African. We either hate or we love; we either agree or we disagree and fight to the death.

The black man has a strong parent, or fetish complex, dating from the days when a community could produce only one brave man at a time, who could challenge a savage beast with a bone-tipped spear.

The whole community then looked upon such a hero for its protection. Even today we still choose that one man or woman who will be our living totem pole, our god on earth, our parent symbol; who is the embodiment of all our aspirations and our unity, and to whom we shall give all our love and loyalty and around whom we shall rally in times of evil. This person will be our nation, the symbol of all our ideals and all our dreams. He or she shall be part of us and we shall be part of him or her.

Therefore in the mind of the African, there can only be one ruler to whom all loyalty and love are given, and not two. One is unity and two are disunity.”

-End of quote-:

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2016

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