195 Farms to be stolen by ANC government and not 139 as said earlier

South Africa on brink of ‘ANARCHY’ as president demands that 195 land is SEIZED from white farmers’

SA Government illegally paid Gupta firms over R400m in tax refunds

Mother of two raped in brutal farm attack near Pretoria

Another state institution bites the dust – Government’s RAF has a shortage of money

Illegal Zimbabweans enters SA freely because of government’s incompetence to replace broken computers at border post

ANC’s councillor incites illegal landgrab on farm in Virginia where nearly 300ha of veld was deliberately burnt down

South Africa has deteriorated under ANC black rule and the country’s infrastructure is nearly totally destroyed

This is how ANC wastes our hard earned money – Government spends R117 Million on a road to nowhere

South Africa: “Violence is the only language our government understands”

Taxpayers will now have to pay #Feesmustfall damages of nearly R800m

Ruling party is leading South Africa down the same destruction path as Zimbabwe

Racist ANC, MEC declares that all white South Africans are rapists

‘Cyril Ramaphosa – These Sh*t-Holes Belong To You!’