Spending And Stealing The ANC Way

I never thought I would see the day, but the ANC in East London and Port Elizabeth, in the ANC heartland and stronghold of the Eastern Cape, are also now calling for Zuma to fall

Apparently, they have also decided now that they are upset about Zuma stealing R249 million to upgrade his Nkandla palace and his corrupt association with the Über-corrupt Gupta family.

They are also attributing the ANC’s worst performance in an election to the president (their’s not mine). Rather than risking losing the elections in 2019, the president needs to go, even if it means him “taking a long sick leave”, according to sources.

Tja…They are shitting themselves that they are going to lose their jobs come 2019.

In the mean time, Zuma is enlarging the government with two more ministries and it is getting absurdly big, even for Socialist standards.

Zuma’s monster cabinet to cost the taxpayers R1 billion

South Africa now has 35 ministers and 37 deputy ministers. Compare that to Germany with 16 ministers, Japan with 16 and the USA with 15.

Where Zuma is going to get the money from is unclear. His girlfriend Dudu Myeni has bankrupted the South African Airways, and the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan who has always been holding the purse strings tight and refused to bail her out has now reappointed her due to pressure from Zuma who set his Hawks goons on Pravin.

This stupid Zuma blessee went and placed an Ad in the newspaper, casually begging for R16 billion, but…Fuck-head that she is, had the audacity to mention she would be giving preference to entities that were 51% black owned and 30% women owned and that hopeful funders need to deposit their tender documents “in the tender box” next to the main security area at OR Tambo airport before 16th of September.

SAA casually asks for R16bn in newspaper ad

Now, what if someone goes and drops a letter full of anthrax spores in there? Hey? How dumb can you be? Anyway…good luck with that.

According to black businessman and Fin24 columnist, Solly Moeng, a sinister plot called Operation Empty the State Coffers is playing out in front of our eyes in anticipation of a political Armageddon for the ANC in 2019, seeing that they said they will rule until Jesus comes.

Incidentally, Solly Moeng has previously called for South African voters to ditch the ANC

According to Prof. David Everatt, Head of Wits School of Governance, University of the Witwatersrand, the ANC has hit self-destruct button

I tend to agree. The ANC is going down…and they are taking the country down with them. Their support is running away and the moment they purge themselves of the SACP members it will be their final death knell. The Communist Party was always the brains behind the ANC.

In the mean time, Eskom is also in serious trouble and looking for a bailout, but another investorDanish Jyske Bank pulled the plug on them

One State Owned Enterprise after the other stolen bankrupt by the useless ANC scum. Last to go will be the Government pension fund and their mission will be accomplished, because that was the only thing the ANC was every interested in; Stealing the country into bankruptcy.

All this crap about “Liberation” and “Freedom” for the blacks was just a smokescreen; an eye blind for the biggest con trick in the history of South Africa. The ANC feels FUCKALL for the blacks. They are just in it to enrich themselves.

By Mike Smith

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