South Africa, The World Capital Of Police Brutality

One of my pet hate liberal idiot phrases is this rubbish called “Black lives matter”. What? …you mean like white lives don’t?

I mean if you are going to be a liberal twat then at least practice what you preach and have a phrase like, “All lives matter”.

Nevertheless, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile got shot by police in the USA and President Obama held a speech condemning it…And so he should. Police should never be allowed to act with this kind of mindless brutality against its own citizens and when they do should face the full might of the law.

However, I was amazed to read that the White House has a task force on police brutality.

“A White House task force on better policing tactics issued recommendations last year on how to improve community relations with law enforcement.”

Now that is just super. Wonderful the way they do things in America. I was just wondering…Do they also have a task force investigating and making recommendations about nigger gangsters, pimps, drug dealers and addicts shooting white cops on a daily basis?

Obama seems to be of the opinion that if only the police would be friendlier to the Lumpen proletariat of the Negro ghettos, there will be fewer shootings of police officers by niggers.

The old chicken and egg debate it seems.

Nevertheless, I watched the wailing and gnashing of golden negro teeth on television where they cried that they were being hunted by white police officers and suddenly I thought of what blacks always tell white South Africans when they complain about being brutally raped, tortured and murdered in their homes and on their farms by negro savages…”If you don’t like it…Go back to where your ancestors came from”.

I mean that is why the Negro paradise of Liberia was created in Africa complete with a constitution based on the American one. For blacks to come home to after they escaped the evil land of the white slave master.

Then I thought of our former evil system of Apartheid and how in the 27 years from (1963-1990) 73 innocent political activists died in police detention. Their names can all be read here .

As can be seen…It hardly fills a page.

Today in the New (Improved) South Africa…Over 900 (mostly black people) die in police custody every year

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) revealed on SABC that in 2012 it received about 5000 complaints against the SAPS of which only 10% (500) were recommended for prosecution, and only 36 convictions were secured in court. That means 0.7% of the complaints received against the Police, resulted in convictions.

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Why is it that black lives only seem to matter when they are taken (on rare occasion) by whites, but when blacks kill whites or other blacks en masse, neither black lives nor white lives seem to matter, because everyone turns a blind eye?

Do you want to see a sample of South African Police Brutality? Watch this video of Zuma’s Goons let loose on unarmed protesting students. You will understand what I mean. Remember these are the friends of their own children and their own nieces and nephews.

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