South Africa – Banana Republic or, absurdly, even worse?

The time has come for South African of all hues to submit themselves to serious introspection and look within themselves for what has gone wrong and what is wrong with South Africa.

The blame is not solely seated with career politicians and demagogues that make empty promises in order to feather their own nests – although they do carry a huge responsibility for what they enacted and subsequently executed in the name of the populace – but ultimate responsibility lies with the populace that places these career politicians and demagogues in positions of power.

Last year Max du Preez reacted with some vitriol when someone stated that South Africa is a Banana Republic. In typical “progressive” Liberal fashion he went to lengths to deny and underscore why South Africa is not a Banana Republic – even to the point where his fact checking became more than a little suspect and reminded one of the contortions of Africa Check to make logic stick to a Teflon coated wall. It was a valiant effort and to people who know me, this is a compliment to Max as I seriously despise everything the man has to say about anything.
On this score, and for this once only, I agree with Max. South Africa is not a Banana Republic although the country does comply with the Political Science definition of a Banana Republic. But that is where my agreement with Max ends.
I recently came upon a term that I have heard before and after reading up on the meaning of the term I have come to the conclusion that South Africa fits the description – or definition – of Absurdistan better. Everything about South Africa is just absurd – it is unreasonable, it is foolish, it is inherently stupid, it is ridiculous, everything about it is nonsense and it stands in stark contrast to serious reasoning.
South Africa is an Absurdistan in the best traditions of the old East Bloc countries where the actions of public authorities and government makes absurdity the norm. South Africa have just improved on this and the populace contributes to the sense of the absurd wholeheartedly.
Let me then point out why I have come to the conclusion that I have and how absurd this country really is
Why would 62% of people vote for a political party – again – and less than 7 days later hold violent protests against the service delivery that this party and its apparatchiks provides. Logic would dictate that if you are unhappy with the status quo, to the point where you have to resort to violence to get someone to take notice of your grievances, and you are given the opportunity to affect change, you would do so. Not in this country. The populace votes for some more of what they don’t like or want.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein.

In the same vein, why would a white person vote for a party whose whole policy document does not run contrary to the policies of the ruling party – as would be expected from an “opposition” party in any other country – but rather intersects on all levels and expressly endangers the well being of the white person and future generations of white people. Policies that are contra common sense in that it is bad for the populace, it is bad for the economy and it widens racial divides actively. All in the name of some pie-in-the-sky egalitarian dream? And that this white person does not possess the inherent ability to reason that there is no “better” way of implementing a policy or ideology that has failed, is failing and will in future still fail due to the logical inconsistencies and its natural resistance to human individuality. I can quote Einstein again but it seems a bit over the top.
If you are unhappy with the level of education your children and young people received and hold the previous regimes’ “watered down” education up as an example of how not to educate future generations why then go and reduce the levels of education to below what you hold as unacceptable? Why not raise standards instead of lowering it to levels that is actually insulting to the very people that you serve. What has been achieved? Maybe a generation or two of functioning morons that are untrainable and therefore unemployable perpetuating the cycle. Oh, and you can boast an increase in matriculation results – don’t let the fact that the matric certificate is as worthless as toilet paper put you off. Pure absurdity.

When faced with an unemployment figure of 25% (with an actual figure consisting of unemployed and those having given up looking for employment of over 40%* (* no verifiable stats could be found)) and economic growth under 2%, which would never make a dent in unemployment, logic would dictate that the government of the day takes steps to stimulate the economy. Nope, not in this country. The very policies that led to the current status quo is not only punted but expanded. That is just a dumb-ass move if ever there was one just for the sake of popularity and ideology. But I suppose the voting fodder does not mind sitting in shanty towns wondering where the next meal will come from. Oh yes, it comes from social grants. How stupid of me! Would it not make sense to have more people employed and by extension paying more taxes and less people on welfare? 15 Million People on some form of social grants versus 3.9 million taxpayers is not only unsustainable it is just illogical and absurd.

I could go on and on in pointing out the absurdities of our government, public office and populace but who has the time, energy and sanity to firstly document it all and then having to read it?

South Africa the NEW Absurdistan.

by Deon Janse van Rensburg

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