SOUTH AFRICA- A Black Man’s Haven – And A White Tax Payer’s Hell


SOUTH AFRICA has reached the point of no return. It has reached the point where all logic and common sense have been obliterated by lunacy and governed by dementia. South Africa has become the playground for vagrants, thieving foreign hyenas, crooked government opportunists, unstable liberals,  and debauched rulers. South Africa has become the madhouse of the world and a very unstable and dangerous madhouse at that.

This terrible place South Africa, where you get free RDP houses, where you don’t pay tax if you don’t want to, where you get preferential treatment in the workplace when you are black, where medical care costs you nothing, where you don’t need to pay the University because you have an NSF bursary which you don’t need to pay back if you don’t want to, where you get Sassa-money every month for all your illegitimate children…where you can commit genocide, xenophobia and murder under the veil of ” previous disadvantaged” excuses.  In South Africa you can burn hundreds of schools, destroy as many universities and still strike, riot and “hashtag” for  free education.

In South Africa you do not need an education to get a job, the color of your skin literally will see to it you occupy a position even if your qualification is  far inferior for it. In South Africa you can become a member of parliament with a mere Gr.8 qualification and president with a Gr. 2 qualification. Any other extra credentials and “accreditations” will be added and verified through the generosity of WITS university. In South Africa you can become a CEO of a parastatal, earning top dollar without even formally applying for the position, you just have to be a good “buddy”, family member, or sleep with the president on a regular basis. In South Africa, you can become a “accredited” professional doctor, lawyer, judge or obtain qualification papers to be an artisan  simply by belonging to the “right” political party. In South Africa you can even get a Ph.D. degree for being a witch-doctor!


In South Africa you can hi-jack cars, rape women, murder whites, murder each other, pick-pocket in the street, deal with drugs, commit various crimes of corruption, abduct children and belong to any gang hitting shops, ATM’s and cash transit vehicles, and smuggle weapons – just as long as you peel off  enough “protection fees” for the government cronies at the top.  In South Africa you can cross the borders at free will as long as you pay the customs official at the border post. In South Africa you are allowed to destroy buildings, riot violently, invade farms, burn crops, destroy businesses, rob private homes, invade land, squat wherever you want to, refuse to pay taxes, claim government “grants”, illegally tap electricity,  slander racist remarks against other races, and pee against any wall you deem fit,  only if you are black.

In South Africa, you can commit ANY crime (except against your bosses in the ruling regime) and you will get lenient court hearings and sentences. When jailed, you also will qualify for a “presidential pardon”  after you served a year or two.  IF you happen to be a “buddy”, slept with the president, or if you are a member of the ruling regime parliament or NEC, you will NOT be jailed at all,  nd IF the public outcry  forced you to go to jail, you will be “paroled” on “medical grounds.” If you are not jailed, you will  merely be transferred from the position you occupied and were caught stealing at, to another more powerful position .

In South Africa, the communist union tail is wagging the communist government dog.  In South Africa the communist government dog is wasting  the taxpayers’ money. In South Africa, the taxpayer is starving because of the majority non-paying parasitic fleas eating all his earnings through “grants.”  In South Africa you are getting paid for NOT working and  earn a home and free services  as long as you vote for the right “benefactor.”   In South Africa, you can stay for free in a squatter camp, receive free electricity and services and still own a home in a posh white area ( on a 99-year bond), which you rent out. In South Africa, you can commit any crime, slander anyone and commit any atrocity because you always will be “innocent.”    EVERYBODY is “innocent” until some  white “culprit” is found guilty.  The level of your  “innocence” will be determined on how many tires you burn, shops you loot, and how many buildings you destroy to prove your “innocence.”   That is why South Africa’s jails are bursting out of their seams with “innocent” people being “oppressed”  by “Apartheid.”  You always will be the “victim” of “Apartheid.” You just have to shift the blame onto the “racist whites.” Blacks cannot be racist…they now are “democratically” liberated  people,  previously captivated by the “oppressive” chains of Jan Van Riebeeck.

NOT so long ago, South Africa was by far the most serious and economically successful country in Africa. At the turn of the millennium, it accounted for 40% of the total GDP of the 48 countries South of the Sahara, whereas Nigeria, three times more populous lurched along in second place with around 14%. The remainder, in raw economic terms, barely seemed to count. Because of  South Africa’s “apartheid”  heritage, solid institutions underpinned its transition to so-called “democracy” in 1994:  a proper Parliament and electoral system, a  new constitution, independent courts, a vibrant press and a first-world stock market.  Since then, Africa, once harshly labeled by the newspapers as “the hopeless continent”, has begun to make bold strides. Meanwhile South Africa, though still a treasure trove of minerals with the most sophisticated economy on the continent built by whites, is on the slide both economically and politically. By some calculations Nigeria’s economy, messy as it is, will overtake it within a few years. The mainly white taxpayer are declining. The white taxpayers do not benefit at all from all the taxes they pay. That is why they are declining AND because of that, South Africa is slipping into a black hole of degradation. As the majority of blacks do not pay any taxes, yet constantly demands “free” services, the white cow is busy dying.  Soon there will be no white cows left to feed the ever increasing black population. Too many “democratic” parasites will suck the white cows’ life blood dry.  THEN-then they will turn on each other. THEN dog will  eat dog….and a brutal black vs black civil war for survival will begin. The grim reaper is sharpening his blade. The harvest is full, not white blood, but black blood.


South Africa now ranks 132nd out of 144 countries for its primary education and 143rd in science and maths since the incompetent ANC take-over. The unemployment rate, officially 25%, is probably nearer 40%; half of South Africans under 24 are looking for work.  Of those who have jobs, a third earns less than $2 a day.  Inequality under the ANC regime has grown since the white rule  and the gap between rich and poor is now among the world’s largest.

The communist ANC under its aegis has sought to undermine the independence of the courts, the police, the prosecuting authorities and the press. It has conflated the interests of party and state, dishing out contracts for public works as rewards for loyalty, hence the bitter jest that the government is in hock to “tenderpreneurs”. This has reduced economic competitiveness and bolstered a fabulously rich black elite. As a result, too little wealth trickles down to the ever populating black masses. Still, the ” white racist” herring is played at will during elections to divert the attention away from the real thieves and culprits at the top.

Nearly two decades after white rule  ended, South Africa is becoming a de facto one-party communist state. The dilapidated liberal opposition—theDemocratic Alliance (DA), led by another Zionist puppet Mmusi Miamene, is also now dancing to the communist tune.  The DA has made “allotted” electoral gains, climbing to 17% of the vote in the last general election in 2009 and 24% in local elections in 2014.  It enjoys the good fortune of the Western Cape province being in a better position due to the many whites than the ANC who runs most of the rest of the (black) country. But most blacks see the DA as too white, and still have a deep-seated misdirected loyalty to the ANC,  no matter it’s failing, seeing it as the party of  Zionist icon  Mandela  and the “liberation.”

AS for being a white in South Africa,  being an Afrikaner in South Africa today is like being a Jew in 1930’s Germany,  without the worldwide network of Zionist sympathy and support.  But whites everywhere (except for Russia) could face this predicament if Zionist bankers continue to use migration, gender dysfunction and “white guilt” to increase their hegemony.  Purim today is a reminder that anyone who resists Zionist hegemony is an “anti-Semite” marked for elimination.  Every day now there is at least one white farmer  and one innocent white in the city murdered. It appears that South Africa is the most dangerous place you can be outside a war zone. What’s more worrying is the chance that it might become a war zone soon.  Now, according to the human-rights organization Genocide Watch, South Africa is at pre-genocide stage 6 of 8: “Preparation.”


With the country skidding toward anarchy, naturally, the people want to know whom they should blame. The British Jew, the real culprit, ensures his“innocence” by hiding behind his paid front-men. In 2010, a prominent member of the African National Congress named Julius Malema revived an old anti-apartheid song the lyrics which Genocide Watch says call for genocide: “Shoot the Boer, shoot, shoot.” “Boer” means “farmer” in Afrikaans; colloquially, it means “white South Africans.”  Malema was ejected from the ANC and convicted of hate speech; he has since formed a new opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters, which is currently the third largest party in parliament. Seven months after Malema’s conviction,  Zuma himself sang the genocide song , leading a crowd in a musical chant: “We are going to shoot them with machine guns, they are going to run . . . The cabinet will shoot them, with the machine gun . . . Shoot the Boer, we are going to hit them, they are going to run.”  Watch the video on YouTube — it is surreal. The communist- Nelson Mandela’s successor, the current president of South Africa, addresses a crowd of — according to the Guardiantens of thousands, in a giant stadium, and calls for the murder of what amounts to about 10 percent of his constituents. Among the audience, uniformed members of the military dance. Tens of THOUSANDS, that is an AWFUL lot of black racists in ONE stadium!

SOUTH AFRICA is on the verge of a major disaster. South Africa is on the brink of a civil war and a Jew-orchestrated United Nations take-over. South Africa is about to enter the same chaos and destruction the Middle East endures under the same evil forces behind it. The Zionist “ controllers” have played their cards well. They have taken down the strong white man and guardian of the vaults through malicious media propaganda  and treason by a ruthless white usurper in FW DE Klerk. They instated their own “liberators” who they control and instruct. BUT now the “liberators” have also become greedy. They now are turning against their “masters.” They now steal from their masters. They now brought in another pack of hyenas from China to help and protect them.  AND like Saddam Hussain, Ghadaffi, and Sadat, they will pay the same price. The price they will pay will be the same as the rest of the “rebels” before them. The Zionist hates competition and the dictators in Luthuli-House have become competition. They will be dealt with in the same way the Zionist dealt with previous ” competition.”  That is politics and the mob-rule applies to one and all.  Meanwhile, South Africa is drifting ever so close to total annihilation…and yet another Tunisian spring…the extermination of a black population who’s hate and greed knew no boundaries and heed no warning signs even when it spells their own demise. TODAY-South Africa is a black man’s haven  and a white taxpayer’s hell!


By : WN/Witbank

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