Shocking exhibition in National Art Gallery

An exhibition in the National Art Gallery in Cape Town which consists of only the offensive words “Fuck White People,” is irresponsible and the FF Plus calls on the museum to remove it without delay, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, leader fo the FF Plus says.

According to Dr. Groenewald, members of the public approached him about the exhibition, and he also became aware of the huge dissatisfaction being expressed about on social media. Dr. Groenewald says in times where racial relations are extremely sensitive, and where people who are guilty of making racist comments are severely punished by courts, the exhibition is short-sighted, and it is experienced by many people as inflammatory.

“The museum has a big responsibility to act with greater circumspect, and seriously weigh up the freedom of speech and the expression thereof in any form against the damage that it may cause to relations in the country, especially in the prevailing climate in South Africa. From the artist, Dean Hutton’s, own explanation of the ‘artwork’, he describes whites, without fail, as racists.

“In the museum, there are various items which depict the period of police violence. The exhibition of Hutton has also been placed very prominently in the main entrance.

“The responsible officials at the museum will have to account as to whether they would hold an exhibition with a reversed racial message, or even an exhibition which displays the brutality of more than two decades of farm murders.

“The FF Plus is of the opinion that the relevant exhibition does not belong in the country’s National Art Gallery. It is offensive and causes friction and should be removed immediately,” Dr. Groenewald says.

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