SA Government’s Dirty Little Black Gold, Rhino Horn Secret?

Will the South African government soon be evacuating Elephants, Giraffes and all other animals from the National Park?

After the recent report regarding the wholesale evacuation of Rhino’s from a National Park, to “save them from poachers”, it seems there are other motives at play.

Not only does it seem that these Rhino’s were actually “sold”, but that the length of their horns were actually noted on the sales contracts to game farms!

Now, a new threat to these precious beasts: As shown in the video report below, a coal mine is being developed right on the borders of the national Park! Plans for an open cast coal mine on the border of South Africa’s Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park are controversial. For mine developers, it’s about jobs and economic development. But mine opponents are concerned about worsening air and water quality and increased poaching and crime. Local residents are already falling sick and losing livestock to illness related to the dust and gas from an existing mine nearby.

The concern is that we might soon hear the South African government mooting plans to evacuate all other large beasts from the Park, in order to protect the mines??

The park is home to the largest population of the white rhino in the world. Over 1,000 rhino were killed for their horn in 2013. Poachers have killed nearly 500 rhino in South Africa in 2014 alone already.

The irony is that after supposed extinction, the White Rhino was rediscovered in this area and from those 400 odd rediscovered stock, Dr. Ian Player contributed to repopulating and growing the population to the existing 20,000!

Yet, in a few short years thanks to bad, self centred, unsustainable corrupt management by African states, it seems the White Rhino is about to disappear again.

New Rhino Threat: Coal?

Jeff Barbee reports from South Africa.

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