SA Government admits failure by evacuating Rhinos OUT of National Reserve!

After many years of ceaseless slaughter and genocide of the Rhino population in South Africa, due to the “open” borders between South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, as well as the inability successfully manage conservation, the South African ANC government has admitted failure and announced an initiative to evacuate the endangered animals OUT of what is supposed to be a National Game Reserve!

Hundreds of rhinos are to be evacuated from South Africa’s Kruger National Park to save them from poachers.

A BBC report seemed almost apologetic and supportive of the move, as if it was a good solution. South Africa is home to more than 80% of Africa’s rhinos. Illegal poaching has risen sharply from just 13 in 2007 to 1,004 in 2013. Yet another failure to chalk up to Jacob Zuma who’s ANC regime has almost every conceivable South African statistic you want to look at running at worst peak levels. This situation has led to “mandelatopia” being renamed to words like ineptocracy and absurdistan.

The mass evacuation, is part of a plan to curb illegal hunts for rhino horn, was announced by the environment minister.

Park authorities said they could relocate up to 500 rhinos, which can each weigh more than a tonne.

Environment Minister Edna Molewa said the relocations from the Kruger National Park, coupled with the creation of “rhino strongholds”, could “allow the total rhino population size of South Africa to continue to grow.”

“South Africa, with its large rhino populations, has borne the brunt of rhino poaching. We remain confident that our efforts in implementing the integrated strategic approach will build on our successful track record of conserving rhino,” she said.

The rhinos may be moved to other areas of lower poaching rates such as state-owned or private nature parks, areas within the Kruger Park closer to the Mozambique border, or even to neighbouring countries, according to the minister.

The new initiative will be supported by the South African government’s Security Cluster to work on tougher penalties for those caught hunting rhinos illegally.

The famed Kruger National Park, which is of a similar size to Wales or Israel, is thought to be home to as few as 8,400 white rhinos.

Park authorities said Kruger was the biggest target for poaching in the region, with more rhinos killed there each year than anywhere else in South Africa.

Although international trade in rhino horn has been illegal since 1977, demand remains high in some Asian countries, where it is used both in traditional medicine and as a symbol of wealth.

Traditionally bantu tribes do not rate wild animals and in some it is even an insult to mention an animal in the same sentence as a tribes person. Recent Land Invasions and Land Claims by blacks into Game Reserves underscores this callous attitude to conservation.

This admission of abject failure and their inability to manage the Heritage of Africa on behalf of the whole world, indicates yet again, that it is certainly time for an independent third party International review of the management of Africa’s heritage and for racism to be put aside and to allow suitably qualified people to do what they have always done well, irrespective of whether they are white or not.

There will always be local villages that need to derive income from the local resources and wildlife, but it seems this policy of putting local villagers ahead of the animals and resource that is sustaining them, is a short sighted unsustainable one. Soon the big beasts will be gone and then the local villages will really have NOTHING. The animals are the real innocents in this.


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