SA Fraud Prevention Services targeted in new email Fraud Scam! Watchout out for new email scam.

SA Fraud Prevention Services targeted in new email Fraud Scam! Watch out out for new email scam doing the rounds in South Africa

The Southern African Fraud Prevention Services (SAFPS) has fallen victim to ID fraud and has warned of a new email scam doing the rounds, purporting to be them, in South Africa which offers “victims of fraud” a reimbursement.

SAFPS said emails using its letterhead claim to offer victims of fraud up to R5 million in compensation, and asks them to submit their name, age, address, occupation, and contact number.

“Unsuspecting consumers often reply and this provides the scammers with the opportunity to obtain more personal information for identity fraud and also to hook the customer into sending money to cover some imaginary fees,” said SAFPS.

It said users should watch out for the following when scrutinizing emails claiming to come from reputable companies:

Grammatical errors, poor spelling, and improbable cover stories.
The amounts offered usually amounts to millions.
The email is from a public web mail service such as Gmail. com or Yahoo. com.
“The safest option is to delete the email and any attachments from your account and not to make any contact with the parties mentioned.”

“The SAFPS, government departments, and banks will never request your personal details via a free web mail service such as Gmail or send you unsolicited messages,” it said.

The organisation asked consumers to report any instance of identity fraud to them via

Always remember if someone asks you to send a “small” amount of money in advance of you recieving a large amount, it is called Advance Fee Fraud.

Examples of the fraudulent emails are posted below:

SAFPS-Fake-letter-1-640x811 SAFPS-Fake-letter-2-640x966


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