Robbers mock dad during assault

“So you think you are a big man?” the armed robber taunted as he kicked a Nigel father in the face, while his partner and their terrified children feared for their lives.

“If I had tried to be a hero, all of us would have been shot dead. I can guarantee that,” said businessman Alex de Sogus.

He and his family were ambushed as they were about to do the school run on Thursday morning.

The nightmare started as De Sogus’ fiancée, Anneke Klein, was reversing out of the garage of their home in Ferryvale shortly before 06:00, for the first round to the school bus stop.

De Sogus opened the driveway gate for her and had just walked through the garage back into the house to wake his son, when he heard Anneke hooting.

Heading back to the gate to see what she needed, he got as far as the kitchen when a man pointed a gun at his face and ordered him to lie down or he would be shot dead.

While De Sogus had been walking to his son’s room, robbers in a maroon Nissan Juke drove into the driveway and blocked Klein. They forced her and the children out of her car and back into the house.

‘Look what I can do to you’

They tied everybody up and repeatedly kicked and beat the couple, taunting De Sogus, while they hit his fiancée.

“They kept slapping Anneke saying, ‘where’s the gold, where’s the money?’

“We don’t have gold. We are not flashy people. We might have a couple of necklaces and a couple of watches, but we are not jewellery people.”

His fiancée offered what she had and De Sogus handed over his wallet, but they had come for more and were not leaving without it.

They dragged De Sogus to the safe where he kept old passports, his firearms, and a Kruger Rand, and forced him to open it.

The men continued kicking him all over his body. One pushed a takkie into his face, saying they were professional killers and would have no problem killing them.

“He said to me, ‘You think you’re [wrestling star Bill] Goldberg hey. I am so small, but look what I can do to you’.”

‘Even big guys are targeted’

They took a handgun, a shotgun, an old Kruger Rand, cellphones, appliances, a television set, various other items, and left.

De Sogus managed to “bounce” himself to the kitchen and cut his cable ties off, and then free the family. They ran outside and a neighbour lent them a cellphone to call for help.

Within five minutes, the police and Community Policing Forum (CPF) were on the scene, but the robbers were still at large.

Nigel CPF spokesperson Alwyn van den Heever, who was at the scene, urged people in the area to become part of their voluntary patrols to disrupt criminals lying in wait to strike.

“Many people think it will never happen to them, but even big guys like De Sogus are targeted,” he said.

De Sogus said he was relieved that his fiancée and the children were unhurt.

Nigel police confirmed the attack and said nobody had been arrested yet.

Source: News 24


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