Red HOT news – Wake up! SA has been gutted

What is left of the South Africa of our dreams? Ask the thief-in-chief

What do we have left now?

Once there were the Scorpions, a respected crime-fighting unit. The people had faith in them. The corrupt feared them. Jacob Zuma quaked when he thought of them.

Then in 2007 he took the reins of the ANC and within months the Scorpions had been destroyed by his faithful lapdogs, Maggie Sotyu and Yunus Carrim.

Now we have the Hawks. This is the unit that charges Pravin Gordhan. This is the unit that cannot muster a decent case against criminals. This is the unit that now works to persecute – note my words, “persecute”, not “prosecute” – those who utter a word against Zuma.

Berning Ntlemeza, the apartheid cop, now insists that he is the Hawks’ master and commander, despite numerous court rulings that he is not worthy to be a filing clerk at the unit. He can be bold because he knows he has No1 rooting for him.

What do we have left now?

They say the road towards becoming a failed state is a process – one institution after another failing over time. Then, suddenly, you realise that you have become a Zimbabwe.

The new public protector says nothing about her predecessor’s State of Capture report. Those who have benefited from their nefarious activities with the Guptas while at Eskom and other state entities are now members of parliament, with bulging bank balances, whereas whistleblowers such as Mcebisi Jonas are fired and hounded out of public office.

There was a time when students would shout and scream with adoration when the public protector visited their schools. Now the public protector is busy having her picture taken – smiling wide – with a man implicated in numerous reports emanating from her office.

She says she wants to have a good relationship with this thief-in-chief. She, like him, has no shame. The thief-in-chief, without shame, goes to pray with the people who offered Jonas, Vytjie Mentor and others bribes.

What do we have left now?

Cast your mind back to 2006. The economy was growing like nobody’s business. Unemployment was decreasing. The black middle class was growing. The white elite class was growing, too, not diminishing. Just 12 years after democracy, we were no longer a country in junk status. We were riding the crest of a wave.

At the time all these rich and rising-rich individuals had a hero. He was the taxman – Gordhan.

What kind of country is this where ordinary people know the taxman? The SA Revenue Service was hailed internationally as one of the best in the world.

What do we have now?

We have a SARS where employees are kidnapped and locked in boardrooms, where the No2 is not dealt with until four months after it emerged that he was depositing huge amounts of cash into his and his girlfriend’s bank accounts. This is not an institution anymore. It is a weapon in No1’s hands.

It is worth noting what Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said when he made his displeasure known about the firing of Gordhan as finance minister four weeks ago. He explicitly said that when his president, Zuma, told him and the ANC top six officials of his intentions he cited an intelligence report that said Gordhan was travelling to London to mobilise opposition against Zuma.

Ramaphosa said this fake intelligence report reminded him of the early 2000s when President Thabo Mbeki alleged that Ramaphosa, Mathews Phosa and Tokyo Sexwale were plotting against the state.

Of course, we know that Ramaphosa continues to smile and giggle at Zuma, who has not even had Mbeki’s decency to apologise for such a report.

So we don’t have an intelligence service in South Africa. We have a bunch of spies who manufacture rubbish in the name of Zuma. The bogus Gordhan report has been denounced by our compromised intelligence minister, who says he did not know about it. So who gave this badly written, illogical, ill-conceived report to Zuma? How can anyone have any respect for a man who believes such utter rubbish?

In the 2000s we had a National Prosecuting Authority led by men and women of integrity. Now we have the spineless Shaun Abrahams, a man who still has to explain what he was doing at Luthuli House before he slapped Gordhan with bogus charges last year.

In the next few months you will see how the most respected of our state institutions, the Treasury, is drawn and quartered. See how the very best among its economists and other professionals are hounded and intimidated out of their jobs. See how it becomes a mere shell of its former self. See how the new finance minister, the friend of the Gupta family, Malusi Gigaba, guts it and puts it out for favours for these friends and benefactors of the Gupta family.

So what do we have now?

What we know now about South Africa is that the institutions of democracy are falling like ninepins.

Our politics are now conducted on the steps of the Constitutional Court because parliament is Zuma’s poodle and the executive is his lapdog. Institutions of state are broken. The judiciary is all that’s left.

Soon the media will feel Zuma’s jackboot. Civil society bodies are feeling his harassment. NGO workers are routinely harassed and many know that their phones are tapped. Fear is the order of the day.

So what do we have now?

What is left of the South Africa of our dreams? Where are the institutions which the colonial and apartheid monster perverted and which we fixed in 1994 and in subsequent years?

Jacob Zuma has perverted them all. This is what is left now. This is what is left for me, for you and for our children. A perversion. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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