Racist Double Standards In Addressing Racism In The New South Africa

It never ceases to amaze me…this hypocrisy of the useless Marxist trash known as the ANC and their sycophantic,  arse creeping sidekicks and praise singers in the media.

Take this report about Andre Slade. Racist KZN guest house owner faces charges and possible Sars probe

See? Media, ANC and liberal twats; Judge Jury and Executioner.

He is a “racist” (f@@k knows what their definition of it is), condemned to Hell and put in the economic and personal electric chair. Hung drawn and quartered by a hysterical leftist mob for exercising his individual rights, the same rights the constitution GAURENTEES and the corrupt scum in the ANC are supposed to uphold.

These individual rights include his personal freedom of association, his freedom of religion, his freedom of expression, his freedom of movement, etc.

F@@K THE FEELINGS OF THE MASSES. The constitution does not protect feelings. It protects RIGHTS!!!

Who is going to explain to these idiots that in a Western Democracy the Constitution does not protect the rights of the majority, but the rights of the minority and the smallest minority is the individual. That is it. What is there not to understand?

So what did the ANC do? The MEC for Economic Development and Tourism in KwaZulu-Natal, Sihle Zikalala opened cases of tax evasion, operating a business illegally and crimen injuria at Mbazwana Police Station, against racist guest house owner Andre Slade on 29 June 2016.

The first two I can understand, but Crimen Injuria? What a bullshit charge. South Africa must be the only dumbass country in the world with such a dumbass law. Like a policeman once told me, “Whenever you don’t know what case to lay against somebody you lay a case of Crimen Injuria”.

Extremely difficult to prove. How are you going to prove someone’s feelings were hurt? Take his word? See if he breaks out in tears? What utter bollocks. Libel is a different story. It is a genuine criminal offence. But Crimen Injuria? Get outa here.

My advice to Slade is to “NAAI them!!” Lay counter charges. They have trampled all over your constitutional rights. They have slandered and libeled you. No seriously, “PIEL them!”

In the meantime, you have the (mis) ruling ANC with the legislated racial discrimination of AA, BEE, and quotas for sport and university. You have the President of the country singing “Dubula iBhunu” or “Kill the whites”.

You have the racist extremist EFF leader declaring war on whites.

Five months after lecturer at Law at UNISA, Benny Morota called white students “cockroaches” he remains unpunished

Morota said on 7th of January 2016 on Facebook, “I hate white people and they must go back wherever they come from or alternatively to hell.”

When a certain Harald Sitta asked him if he was serious he hit back with, “idnt entertain white cockroach like yourself…idnt understand why you interfere in my black business…F@@k you pink white murderer…Enjoy the blood wealth of our people, your time to pay with your white skin is emmenent (sic)”

There is NOTHING in the English media about it at all. The university reckons the investigation is in the starting phases. Aaahhh yes…and that is where it will stay.

The former leader of the opposition DA party Helen Zille was told by coloureds in Pretoria”Voetsek (F@@k off) you white bitch”

Nothing came of it!

Look at this guy Musa Mkhonza…glorifying blacks killing whites (sent in by a reader):

Where are the media and the ANC about this??? Hey? A Bunch of racist hypocrites. Double standards by idiots professing “Equality”. Do they really expect anyone to take them seriously?

By Mike Smith

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