Putin, Mugabe Or Khrushchev…Which One Will Zuma Pull?

The thieving, raping scumbag, Jacob Zuma has survived another fake “Vote of no confidence”…as always. ANC National Executive Council: Zuma survives for now

For me, no surprise. The question everyone is asking: “Now what?”

Indeed what will Zuma do next? Simple, he will carry on stealing along with his cronies and Gupta mates until he is FORCED from power.

SA Communist Party leader Blunt Blade Nzimande said that “There is an attempt to emulate a Putin style, authoritarian, low-intensity democracy, with meetings reported between this faction and their counterparts in Russia.”

Blade Nzimande: “Let us tell the truth”

Therefore the question should rather be; “What will Zuma do when an attempt to force him from power is made?”

Apparently Zuma, at last weekend’s NEC meeting, was furious and made several threats to the NEC. ‘Don’t push me’: Angry Zuma lashes out as he survives another motion

Apparently, he wanted to let the dirt out, on all his friends and enemies who oppose him and want him to step down.

This shows us again how the Communist strategy of how this scum maintains discipline works. They all know of each other’s skeletons in their respective closets and when one snake starts to babble, the whole lot will babble and everyone will be destroyed. It is the ANC equivalent of the prospect of MAD…Mutual Assured Destruction that has kept the world from sinking into WW3, Armageddon and complete world annihilation since 1945.

However, knowing Zuma and the Commies It will be interesting to see if he poisons his opposition like Putin and Stalin did, or whether he slaughters them en masse like Mugabe…or as I suspect….if Zuma will pull a Khrushchev on his friends and foes.

Let’s Get To Know Nikita Khrushchev

Zuma and Khrushchev have a lot in common apart from both having bald heads. Both for instance have brutal, obscure and forgotten histories. Both are extremely criminally shrewd despite a lack of education.

Khrushchev, just like Zuma was functionally illiterate. He was a shepherd boy (just like Zuma) from one of the poorest towns in Russia on the Ukrainian border namely Kalinovka. Khruschev had about three years of formal schooling, most of which came when he was already an adult trying his hand at the trade of blacksmith. Similarly, Zuma was schooled for the first time as an adult prisoner on Robben Island.

Khruschev ran away from home when he was about 17 did some menial odd jobs and joined the Bolsheviks in 1918 and fought on the sides of the Reds against the Whites in the Russian Civil War. In 1921 when the war ended, he was assigned as commissar to a labor brigade in the Donbas, where he and his men lived in poor conditions. The wars had caused widespread devastation and famine and one of the victims of the hunger and disease was Khrushchev’s wife, Yefrosinia, who died of typhus in Kalinovka, his former home town. Being an atheist he refused his wife to be buried by the church and hijacked her coffin.

The death of his wife would bring him several ideas later on in his life…

Khrushchev, like the piece of arse-kissing scum he was drifted to the top of the Communist Party and because he was a Stalin praise singer, became well befriended with Stalin. Although Stalin found Khrushchev repulsive, he was impressed by Khrushchev’s ability to kill Communist opposition members, even his own friends, and family members. Khrushchev turned more than 500 people over to the secret police for execution.

When Stalin started his purges in 1932, killing millions and sending people to the Gulag his idea was to simply kill them with a bullet to the back of the brain or work them to death in labor camps. This proved far too slow, so Nikolai Yezhov, head of the secret police, the NKVD, developed mobile gas vans to accelerate the executions. But it was Khrushchev who had the idea for the best and most effective way of mass murder to date…Mass starvation!

What a lot of people forget is that Khrushchev was the man in charge of the full man-made Ukrainian famine of 1932-1933 that killed about 10 million people. In 1934 Stalin rewarded Khrushchev by appointing him to the Central Committee of the Communist hierarchy in Moscow.

In late 1937, due to several uprisings in the Ukraine, Stalin sent Khrushchev back to the Ukraine and appointed him as head of the Communist Party there.

In January 1938 Khrushchev became political dictator of the Ukraine. Once again the people were subjected to a vast purge and cruelty. So violent and barbaric was Khrushchev that when the Nazi’s occupied the Ukraine in 1941, they were seen as “Liberators” by the Ukrainians. Khrushchev would never forgive them for this.

Before he fled the Ukraine to Moscow, he executed thousands of Ukrainians. The Nazis found numerous mass graves. In one area alone they found 90 mammoth burial plots containing about 10,000 bodies of peasants workers and priests, all with hands tied behind their backs and a bullet in the head.

After the Nazis were driven out, Khrushchev went back and the Ukrainians were again subjected to his wrath. Thousands of Christian churches were destroyed; people who were accused of sluggishness on the collectivized farms were forcibly relocated to Siberia, etc.

How Khrushchev Seized Power

When Satan came to fetch the rotting soul of Stalin on the 5th of March 1953, Stalin left behind a nest of vipers all vying for the position of supreme dictator of the USSR. Khrushchev was a low man on the totem pole.

Number one was Malenkov, Stalin’s secretary who controlled all the secret Communist files and all the damning evidence on everybody.

Number two was Beria, a disgusting sexual predator, and rapist and a hated leader of the secret police who was also in charge of the Soviet Nuclear programme. Stalin introduced him to Rooseveldt at Yalta as “Our Himmler”.

Number three was Molotov, Intimate Bolshevik friend of Stalin and the most shrewd, deceptive diplomat Soviet Russia has ever produced.

Fourth in Line was Bulganin. Official representative of the Communist Party in the Red Army and the Red Army’s principal politician.

Fifth in line came Khrushchev. Minister in charge of collectivized farms…Nobody took him seriously, but Khrushchev took himself seriously, and that is all that mattered.

His method was to use an old Communist trick which is the very opposite of “Divide and Conquer”. His technique was to “Unite and Conquer”.

First, he united with Premier Malenkov and convinced him that Beria was his greatest threat. In December 1953 Beria and his associates were arrested and shot for treason by Khrushchev’s fiend, Marshal Zhukov, the WWII hero infamous and responsible for the rape of two million German women in Berlin and later resurfaced at the rape of Budapest in Hungary.

Then Khrushchev united with Bulganin to get rid of Malenkov. He told Bulganin that he (Bulganin) should be Premier and is much more deserved of the position than Malenkov. Malenkov was replaced by Bulganin in the February of 1955 for “abuse of power” and “the slow pace of reforms”.

Molotov was the next to fall. In June 1956 Molotov was removed as Foreign Minister and exiled to Mongolia where he was now made ambassador to the Mongolian People’s Republic.

Khrushchev and Bulganin now forced Defence Minister, Marshal Zhukov, into retirement and demoted other key officials in government.

Finally, Khrushchev was ready for the big step. Ousting Bulganin.

Because Bulganin got rid of Zhukov, he was hated by the Red Army his biggest support. Khrushchev widened this rift, alienated him from the Red Army and moved his own people into key positions. Eventually, Bulganin was the captive puppet of Khrushchev. In March 1958 Khrushchev forced his resignation. Bulganin was pushed back into his old job as a bank manager he had 20 years ago, removed from the Central Committee and deprived of the title of Marshal and in February 1960 he was retired on a pension.

By getting rid of all his friends and enemies, Khrushchev felt he was preventing them from regrouping and ousting him like he was ousting them.

Khrushchev And The Hungarian Revolution Of 1956

No better historical example exists to illustrate Khrushchev’s extreme treachery than the time of the Hungarian Revolution.

During the Second World War, the Americans gave its allies millions of dollars worth of equipment with their “Lend-Lease” program.

WWII was basically a plot by Stalin to get the West to build up Soviet Russia, that he destroyed. For instance, Stalin asked for Ship’s diesel engines that he never used and stockpiled for after the war. The Americans knew this but kept pouring into the bottomless Soviet pit, because Stalin Sacrificed 20 million Russian soldiers in what they call, “The Great Patriotic War” (WWII).

Anti-Communist Rebel Hungary 1956

Like US Senator Taft said, “Lending war equipment is a good deal like lending chewing gum. You don’t want it back.” In practice, very little was returned except for a few ships.

Nevertheless, part of the deal was that any country coming under the dominion of the USSR during the war would be allowed free and fair elections after the war. Of course, Stalin never intended to stick to this deal.

So, after the war, Hungary was the first country to demand self-government, the overthrow of the Communist puppet regime and an end to Soviet Colonial rule.

On the 23rd of October 1956 a massive, peaceful student demonstration took place in Budapest when the people wanted to set up a democratic government and free elections.

When the crowd refused to disband, the Russian secret police opened fire on them. Thus the revolution began and the big statue of Stalin was toppled. Freedom fighters hoisted the Hungarian flag on the stump. Soviet occupation troops were ordered to smash the revolution, but many defected to the Hungarian side. As a result, the remaining Soviet troops were beaten in five days. Hungary tasted freedom from Communist oppression for about four days…

Statue Of Stalin Toppled

Khrushchev then sent his first deputy, Anastas Mikoyan, and Mikhail Suslov as Politburo representatives to Budapest in an armored vehicle to start talks with the Hungarian Rebel government. They acknowledged that they were defeated and told Khrushchev so over the telephone and together with Khrushchev decided on an armistice. Further diplomatic actions were developed with the aim to withdraw Soviet troops from Hungary and help Hungary regain her national independence by also withdrawing from the Warsaw Pact.

The Soviets further proposed that the final details of the withdrawal be drawn up at the Soviet headquarters in Tököl, a village south of Budapest.

Anti-Communist Rebels In Hungary, 1956

The entire Hungarian delegation was therefore invited to come and discuss the precise date for when Soviet troops would leave Hungary.

The elated, victorious and utterly naïve Hungarians then went to the Soviet headquarters. To their amazement, they were suddenly surrounded seized and imprisoned. Simultaneously Khruschev ordered an all-out attack on the Hungarian population codenamed “Operation Whirlwind”.

More than 5000 tanks from Czechoslovakia, Russia, and Romania invaded Hungary. On Sunday, November the 4th 1956 Prime Minister Imre Nagy pleaded over the Radio station in Budapest with the UN and the civilised world to help them.

Soviet Tanks Roll Into Budapest

No help came and the Radio station fell silent. The United States did nothing beyond issuing public statements of sympathy for their plight. Prime Minister Imre Nagy sought asylum at the Yugoslav Embassy which was then encircled by Russian tanks for three weeks. The Russians gave him a written note of safe passage, but when he left the embassy he was captured and two years later executed by hanging. He was buried face down in the prison courtyard…his hands tied behind his back with barbed wire. According to Fedor Burlatsky, a Kremlin insider, Nikita Khrushchev had Nagy executed, “as a lesson to all other leaders in socialist countries”.

The rape of 50,000 women in Budapest, the massacre of about 3000 Hungarians and 200,000 who fled as refugees smothered into oblivion the heroic Hungarian fight for freedom. Public discussion about this revolution was suppressed in Hungary for more than 30 years.

What Will Zuma Do?

We have seen that Zuma, although not formerly educated, should not be underestimated. He is not stupid. He is just as shrewd as Khruschev and just like Khrushchev should never be trusted.

We have seen Zuma survive several attempts to get rid of him. He elbowed all his opposition out of the way. He survived the 783 charges of fraud against him, survived Mbeki’s attempts to get rid of him, and survived the rape scandal and even a poison attempt by one of his wives in 2014.

He got rid of all his friends like Shabir Shaik, Jackie Selebi, Bheki Cele et al. Last weekend we have seen him survive another “Motion of no confidence” against him and he will be back in parliament on Wednesday with a smirk on his face and a middle finger to the opposition and his critics.

Zuma has refused to step down in the face of several State Capture reports such as by the National Protector, Academics and the clergy, and calls from inside and outside of his party for him to step down. He has made threats to his enemies and his friends at the last NEC meeting. He openly

Blunt Blade Nzimande

threatened the SACP, saying that the MK soldiers did not train for nothing, meaning that if they push him too far and criticize him too much he will unleash his private army of MK goons on them as well as release all their secrets.

”Our comrades are threatening us”: Blade Nzimande

Pandora’s box has been opened. Zuma will have to pull off something big or sink and I can assure you he has no intention of sinking. He recently purged 20 ministers and deputy ministers not loyal to him from his cabinet. Like Max du Preez said; “He is no pushover”.

We have also seen a gunman trying to kill SACP deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila at former SACP leader Chris Hani’s memorial a few weeks ago, ANC dissenters facing death threats and ANC leaders in opposition to Zuma in KZN being assassinated.

Zuma’s game is fast coming to an end

But today Max du Preez reckoned that getting rid of Zuma is a half marathon, not a race. More truths about Zuma’s fraud will be released and Zuma will cling tighter and tighter to his position.

He has no other choice. The moment he loses power he is finished. He will be tried and go to prison. It is going to get a lot more violent soon. As Zuma feels the slipping of the noose around his neck and the power from his hands, he will kick harder and harder.

The ANC won’t save SA from Zuma

Forces gear up for the Zuma War

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