Pupils from Esokheni Secondary School torch ‘ugly’ school and demand breakfast be served! Say no more!

Pupils from Esokheni Secondary School near Greytown are reportedly unhappy with the aesthetic appearance of the school in relation to others in the district.

More than changing the school’s infrastructure‚ protesting scholars want breakfast served as part of the existing school nutrition programme.

Education Department spokesperson‚ Kwazi Mthethwa‚ said that a delegation of officials had been dispatched to the school.

“At this stage we are trying to understand what has gone wrong at that school. We are investigating‚” he said.

“We are happy to report that classes‚ as well as trial examinations are continuing despite the interruption yesterday.”

Mthethwa said that two classrooms and a storeroom were razed by the fire‚ allegedly set by pupils.

He urged the learners to engage with the department in a way that is constructive.



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