PROOF: Facebook Is Blocking Links To Info:Wars.Com

Censorship under the justification of preventing “fake news” and “spam” accelerates

As the video below illustrates, Facebook is preventing users from posting a link to this Infowars article having previously labeled it as “spam”.

The social networking giant recently launched a new feature in which users could flag content as “spam” or “fake news” – a system that allows huge numbers of organized users to flag content simply because they disagree with it or it offends them. One suspects that CNN and other mainstream news outlets won’t be impacted by the new feature.

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I’m so glad Facebook has finally launched this new feature. 😄

Back on March 6, Facebook also blocked another completely legitimate Infowars story about a left-wing anti-Trump journalist who was arrested for making bomb threats against Jewish community centers by declaring it as “spam”.

Facebook has begun blocking Infowars links as “spam”.

They’re using the “fake news” scam as an excuse for censorship.

 In the video below, Alex Jones documents how Facebook censored another Infowars story about a former CIA analyst asserting that Trump was wiretapped by declaring it “spam”.

With web founder Tim Berners-Lee demanding that Facebook do more to combat so-called “fake news” – despite the fact that a Stanford University study found it had virtually no impact on the presidential election – the social media giant has teamed up with biased left-wing outfits to target conservative news sources.

A list of “fake” and misleading websites released by Harvard also includes virtually every major conservative website on the blacklist.

It’s completely evident that Facebook, Twitter and others are exploiting the contrived panic and hysteria about “fake news” as an excuse to censor content or opinions that contradict left-wing narratives.

Here is the offending video that Facebook doesn’t want people to see. They would be very unhappy if you shared it like there’s no tomorrow.

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