Post on Boycott BBC says the Biased BBC is ALREADY privatised!

Could it be true that the BBC is already in the hands of the large corporations to do with as they please? When one looks at the biased programming and commercialization, it seems to explain a lot…  … is it time to scrap the public licence fees? Have UK citizens unknowingly been funding and promoting a liberal agenda?

The BBC (2 Jan 2014) has warned (Culture, Media and Sports Committee) ..’ that its programmes would be damaged if it was forced to seek commercial funding instead of the licence fee’… ‘BBC subscription would have ‘significant drawbacks’…  ‘turn the BBC into a commercial operator with an incentive to provide services that maximise revenue and/or profits


The BBC however has already partly PRIVATISED itself so this is patently untrue. Consider this list below and ask what are we actually paying for as License fee payers?

It is a fact that all BBC broadcast functions are now in private hands…


(1) The BBC transmitters were sold to USA in 1997. (Which sold them back to the UK in 2004, (National Grid plc). In 2005 name changed to National Grid Wireless. It’s now called Merlin Communications.


(2) Merlin Communications, became VT Merlin Communications on London’s South Bank, is now Media Management Centre. From 8th July 2010 (part of the Babcock International Group), own all the current BBC broadcast transmitters and functions itself.


(3) Since 1991 The BBC has also privatised the fee collection via TV Licensing Authority (Logo and Trademark remain BBC) now functions are provided by Capita Business Services Limited. (July 2002) ‘… Our role is to send out TVL reminders, process queries, applications and payments and maintain an accurate licence database. It also involves looking for people using a TV set without a valid licence”.  From (Captia web site, 2006). (A total of 140,000 people were convicted of avoiding the licence fee in 2012).


(4) All BBC Magazines are also all privatised, as a publishing division of BBC Worldwide, the commercial subsidiary of the BBC. It is now part of a new venture called Immediate Media Company (1 Nov. 2011). Immediate Media is now the publishing company formed after the private equity take-over of BBC Magazines This includes Magazines (based on BBC programmes from Cookery to Top Gear). The BBC run these lucrative privatised under franchise and supplement meagre BBC income by being in joint private equity.…/immediate-media-named-new-home-bbc-magazines?


(5) The BBC employs INTERSERVE  to fully service this fat Quango using public money. (Worth £150m over five-years). This ‘management and delivery of services’ at 150 key facilities including Broadcasting House in London, MediaCityUK in Salford, Pacific Quay in Glasgow.


(6) Two thirds of all BBC programming is now BBC repeats. In addition the BBC makes money by selling the ‘back catalogue’ to freeview channels on a BBC license fee basis. (Just like any commercial private Video or Photo Library).  The BBC also ‘buys’ cheap children’s programmes that it can feature but does not own. i.e. Magic Roudabout and Hollywood ‘feature films’ shown on BBC just like any other commercial broadcaster such as ‘Sky’ or ‘BT vision’. No difference there.…/bbc/…/Almost-two-thirds-of-BBC-programmes-are-repeats.html


The BBC sees itself as an international ‘News’ organisation that deserves ‘private’ autonomy about disclosing too much public financial or embarrassing information such as ‘pay awards’ and ‘staff allegiances’. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 ensures that all BBC financial ‘facts and figures’ are kept secret “for the purposes of journalism”, (and that still exists until parliament decides to dispose of that license protection dreamt up under Labour in 2006.


(8) THE BBC relocation to Salford Quay Manchester means that the BBC is renting it’s luxury HQ premises from a private sector developer called PEELS (75%) and the remainder (25%) from Saudi Arabia (which are both UK tax exempt). In addition the fact that the landlord is one Labour entrepreneur and the other Saudi Arabian investor (both being UK tax exiled) sets the future tone of the future BBC as a ‘privately’ funded interest group.


The BBC can strategically now survive without the BBC license fee (as it has already privatised it’s core functions) and has a sizeable London property portfolio to mortgage. The one thing that has not changed is it political bias towards the Liberal Socialist axis and Islamist group fronts where it gains funding and support from the EU for UK ‘social integration’ funds: The BBC’s famous impartiality of its coverage of the European Union after its charity arm received millions of pounds to promote the EU’s political agenda.

The UK  taxpayer should consider it’s future is better off ‘broken-up’ into accountable pieces and sold for just £1 would save the nation 4.8 Billion pounds annually and save us from George Orwell’s nightmare that the BBC represents in stature and influence.

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