Port Elizabeth Dad Beaten For Smacking His Son After He Threw A “Vloermoer” [Tantrum]

A screaming young child watched in horror as his father was repeatedly whacked on the head and back with a metal bar allegedly by a “gartjie” who had taken offense to the man disciplining his son.

Jaco from Uitenhage was attacked by a taxi driver and his “gartjie” after Jaco gave his son a hiding in public. 

A day out for the dad‚ 35‚ and his four-year-old son took a nightmarish turn on Wednesday‚ when he was attacked on the corner of Western Road and Athol Fugard Terrace in Central after smacking his son on his bum for misbehaving.

Blood gushed from the wound on his head after the assault.

Two men were arrested in connection with the incident on Thursday.

The enraged father‚ Jaco‚ had offered an R5 000 reward on Facebook earlier for information leading to the arrest of the ‘gartjie’ and the driver of the Nissan NV350 minibus.

Jaco and the child’s mother are being referred to only by their first names to protect the identity of the traumatized boy.

The child threw a “vloermoer” (tantrum)‚ according to his dad‚ which prompted him to “smack him twice on his bum with my flat hand”.

By Tremaine Van Aardt/DispatchLive

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