Even Without Apartheid, Western Communists would still have destroyed South Africa…


According to the ANC regime, apartheid is to blame for everything. It defines the very existence of the ANC and everything it has done since it was hijacked by Jewish Communists and even since the country was literally given to them, as a result of a concerted bombing blackmail campaign, on a silver platter.

A shiny, new, polished, high performance, first world country, keys, lock, stock and barrel. (Not to mention the gazillions the world threw into the Mandela poster boy cause to buy some PC street credit and false moral high ground).

This singular Word Weapon continues to destroy Africa’s most advanced nation and is used prolifically to justify, and hide, REAL genocides implemented by communist aberrations. Sadly, thanks to the communist invasion and occupation, Apartheid is also the first word that comes to foreigner’s minds when South Africa is mentioned, as many a white guilt ridden SAFFA (expat South African) will attest.

HOWEVER, the question needs to be asked: Had apartheid not been there, would the Communists still have attacked South Africa on every level and field possible? Damn right they would!

And would The West still have deserted SA after the fall of the Berlin Wall? You bet. 

I would like to take this opportunity to give an opinion and perspective on what is going on in South Africa, essentially for South Africans, but also for the world outside, to warn them of what the powers that be have in store for them.

I suggest people in ANY traditionally European / Caucasian nation look at these insights as a template, for detecting the machinations of World Supremacy, which the political and financial establishments are putting into place, under the guise (or sheep’s clothing if you will) of “Equality”, “Unity”, “Democracy”, “Diversity”, “MultiCulturalism”, “Globalisation”, “MultiNationals”, “Open Borders”, “Conservatism”, “Centre Right”, Liberalism, etc. etc.

I put them all in quotations because each one is actually the opposite of what it is pretending to be (a classic communist tactic). When you analyse the application and result of these word concepts by the political and corporate structures of the world you will come to see them as “word weapons” in a global war of attrition.

I will try to synthesise or explain the modus operandi of cultural, historical, religious, national and tribal (including white) genocide taking place worldwide with the South Africa example.

There is in South Africa a much used politically correct term called Transformation. I believe this “word weapon” is also used by the Jewish groups who want to transform Europe from a European (white) homeland into a “multicultural” blended racemixed brown melting pot. Look out for this term in America or any target nation. It is however unlikely to appear in decolonised (un-whitened) Africa or Israel…


You might notice I use the term “word weapon”: A Word Weapon is the modern day AK47. The child soldier in the African blood diamond war fields, does not need to understand the weapon’s Russian design or origin or workings. He can use it, throw it around in the mud and it will still work.

Marxists, Liberals and progressives, who are prime assimilators, or consumers, of word weapons, like nothing more than a handy soundbyte (word weapon) with which to appear as bold or knowledgeable as the person who designed and developed the word weapon. Word Weapons legitimise the injustices and it is instant kudos for these consumers of populism, especially if the field has already been swept clean with political correctness. One merely needs to look at the phenomena of racebaiting to see this at work.

Another prime, tragic, terrible example which the liberals brush aside, is the 1,300 children were raped or molested in Rotherham, (it occurred throughout UK to many thousands of innocent children), yet no one stopped the muslim or non white perpetrators because the institutions that should have stopped it, had previously been disarmed and put on the back foot by a “word weapon” which involves the accusation “institutional racism”, be it deserved or not. Keep in mind, the rape insemination of muslim seed into the host population has been a Muslim invasion tactic for centuries…

Germany was aware of Fraudulent Holocaust claims by Jews but waited over a decade before asking for it to be addressed for fear of being blasted with the anti Semitic… accusation.


In Africa, black people are given as much as 51% ownership of businesses, simply because they have black skins, at no cost or work to themselves. Whites in South Africa have been excluded from the job market and tertiary education for 21 years, still no one, with influence or power, is brave enough to say something for fear of losing that influence or power under a deluge of word weapons…

They use this broom or shield of Political Correctness to sweep aside any opposition and then use the sword of “Transformation” (or “Progressiveness” or “Unity” or “Democracy” or Marxism or atheism, etc. etc.) to strike down their neutralised opponents and enforce their collectivist World Supremacist ideology and practises.


And it is working. How many people look at world events and shake their heads not
understanding how we got into this situation? It was certainly not by chance or natural process… the natural order of things is the last thing these evil psychotic World Supremacist Marxist control freaks want. It is far easier to put your head in the sand and switch on the TV for your daily dose of indoctrination, or trudge of to work as a debt slave and let others make the decisions and take responsibility, or to escape into a virtual world of computer video games…


So. Transformation is the tool or excuse they use generously to blanket cover anything they want to unfairly change, be it justified or not. Remember they already have the majority of people on the back foot, scared to death of being labelled a racist or anti Semite or whatever “word weapon” the liberals want.

So when people are confronted with these “word weapons”, which are straight out of the communist handbook, they offer little resistance. The oppressive or PC regimes have free reign to change town names, street names, to change language policies in schools, to rewrite history and text books, to take away historic statues, force institutions to apply race quotas and generally create “black privilege” for themselves.


For instance in South Africa the trick goes like this:

In an Afrikaner school, or class or University or municipality or institution, invariably all of the members or students would naturally be white as they are Afrikaans (even in multiracial schools Afrikaans classes were largely white).

The invaders would claim that for the sake of “transformation” there can be no race homogeneity in school as it is “racist” and therefore black people are forced into the classes or schools or Universities. THEN the invaders claim that these newly inserted black students cannot understand the Afrikaans language, so the school or class or University needs to be changed to English…

And, hey presto, you have genocide in the name of political correctness.

This has already happened to most Afrikaans Universities and has recently been launched on the last bastion of Afrikaner higher education, namely Stellenbosch. It should be noted that black bantu people have NO historical connection or claim to the Cape, where Stellenbosch is situated… it is a pure invasion. (Many have been bussed in in their millions over the years from other parts of the country in a planned population control, social re-engineering policy – the “word weapon” of choice for this evil supremacist genocidal process is “representivity”).

These scams are also applied to other minority tribes that the ANC / SACP regime wants to dispose of. Even the word “tribe” has been demonised nowadays.



It is deliberate, planned, forced social re-engineering, intervention, oppression, integration and manipulation in the name of “transformation” and is a VIOLATION of the Constitution!

The “Unity” and “one people” trick:
Coercing & forcing nations, through emotional blackmail and “you versus us” isolationist trickery (mob culture), different tribes, cultures, races, communities into one large centrist communist state or regional power, to trick people into giving up their individual identity, culture, tradition and rights. In the early days it was “come together to celebrate our differences”, that has now been progressed to Unity. Africa has 7.000 tribes, over 2,000 languages, all forced into 50 countries in the name of Unity… it is actually DIS- unity as squeezing too many radically different entities into one sardine tin can only lead to trouble… and they want to “blend” that even more with regional superblocks akin to the EU disaster!


So this Dis-Unity in a sardine tin, also referred to as Multi-culturalism CAUSES crime and xenophobia and racism. Yet the PC response to this is always more “Unity”, especially by Multinational corporations who benefit from lower migrant wages and fewer border restrictions and taxes and customs duties. They will always be the first on the PC Unity bandwagon, witness Nando’s from South Africa…. Many South African Corporations make MORE from other African nations than from South Africa, the last thing they want is more borders, more language barriers, more customs and  export duty, more red tape or more governmental interference!

And right there is your reason why capitalism backs the collectivism ideology like communism… …apart from the obvious fact that for both ism’s, it is the riches in the hands of the elite few and poverty and slavery for the majority consumers or citizens.


MultiNationals will fund programs and PC Unity campaigns, and especially politicians  for this very greedy reason. Ethics, morality, justice or peace, have nothing to do with it. They also tend to have very little loyalty to host nations or their citizens… everyone is just a number, even if it is the guy in India that took your job… not to mention the tax dodges.

Open Borders are a tool for World Domination! Marxism is a World Supremacist ideology! Multinational Nations and multinational organisations are an incubator for this leftist world supremacy… they are also very good at creating dumbed down, materialistic, consumer debt slaves… …zombie workers.

Why are Liberals, Leftists, “Democrats” and Marxists so quick to point the Supremacist finger at Nationalists when THEY are in fact the TRUE World Supremacists? Because it is a well designed, effective “Word Weapon”.

Nationalists however just want to rule themselves in their own country, NOT the whole world, yet they get branded Supremacists by the Mass Media? That simple act of deceit by mass media exposes the mass media’s Supremacist anti white agenda. Mass media, who are after all MultiNationals, have done everything in their power to discredit Nationalism, and now we know why… “Business is business and greed is good” apparently…



This coerced and forced integration (Multi-culturalism) is just as evil as Forced Segregation (Apartheid). It is unnatural to force people together, just as it is to keep them apart.

“Apartness” was actually nothing more than nationalism for EACH of the 12 different nations/tribes of Southern Africa in their own traditional, ancestral homelands… 4 of them actually had full independence. Because nationalism is an enemy of communism, even if it involves 12 different nations, the Marxist communists did a MASSIVE reworking of the facts internationally… with great success as we saw… sadly it is easier to fool someone, than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.

Multiculturalism is being enforced through deceit, brainwashing, media manipulation, insult, overt and covert political correctness, social and emotional blackmail and mass immigration and asylum.

Only when people are allowed to live, work and associate FREELY, together OR apart as they choose, without castigation, reproach or insult, will racism finally stop. It is the implicit threat of assimilation or miscegenation and cultural mortality that creates the insecurity that causes racism or xenophobia. With fixed secure national boundaries this would not happen. Good fences make good neighbours.

Dr. H.F. Verwoerd, who has wrongly been labelled as the architect of apartheid, when it was in fact the British who initiated it, with Union in 1910, often called the system “good neighbourliness”. In 1966 unemployment under the black bantu nations of South Africa was only 5%! Today under a so called just system it is nearer to 40%. There is a deluge of statistics to prove the viability and success of the policy of good neighbourliness… The blacks in Southern Africa had a far higher standard of living than the rest of Africa and it was growing even faster than that of whites.

According to the World Bank Atlas of 1985, the Black Infant Mortality rate in South Africa was 32% lower than the figure for rest of Africa. The urban black IMR was only 32/1000 by 1985, compared to the South African average of 55.

The life expectancy of whites in South Africa was 68 years by 1991. The black life expectancy raised from 34 years in 1960 to level Europe’s in 1991 (65).

Needless to say this success was probably a large factor in the assassination of Dr. Verwoerd. (Apart from half the world’s Gold and Diamond reserves).



The Rainbow Nation “Word Weapons” of Mass Destruction:

  • Manipulation of Voting & Municipal Boundaries.
  • Fast tracked Merging of Voting & Municipal Wards to increase central power bases and dilute minorities or the opposition vote.
  • “Transformation”: Enforced integration and racemixing through emotional, social and media blackmail and coercion.
  • Cadre Deployment: Employing, contracting and rewarding ANC loyal members with taxpayers money. (90% of taxpayers DID NOT vote for the ANC)
  • Black Economic Empowerment: Forcing whites out of the work, labour, education and business with racist laws.
  • Politicising Civil Service: Using unions to hold the country hostage for political, racial and financial gain
  • “Representivity”: Human trafficking and population control by resettling black people from rural areas into other areas with a smaller black demographic so as to once again outvote locals.

This last one is just as scary as it is ludicrous. ANC / SACP had the genocidal audacity to claim that 3 million whites would have to be removed from the Western Cape and 3 Million blacks would be moved there in order for that province to represent the racial profile of the country as whole. Blacks have no historical or traditional claim or connection to the Cape! By extension, because they breed 8 times faster than whites, what they are saying is that through representivity they can invade and occupy any town or region thanks to their population numbers and eventually they will completely assimilate whites and other minorities through mass breeding. Black Bantu population has exploded 900% since 1900, ironically largely due to the introduction of Western medicine and civilisation.

THAT is a nasty word weapon called representivity which I believed has already appeared in USA!

It is nothing other than a cluster bomb!


Mandela’s African National Congress, which hosts the South African Communist Party parasite (who has never won a single vote in SA), have carte blanche and are wilfully, deliberately and freely raping, pillaging and fleecing a once prosperous first world country and its productive innocent citizens, because they CAN! They have one massive “word weapon” which sends any prospective international review running for the hills into silence… a word weapon called Apartheid.


The apartheid yoke of white guilt is so great that even after all these unbelievable atrocities and corruption and blatant disregard for civil law, liberal white jellyfish are still defending and supporting the cANCer… Zuma just has to beat the dead apartheid horse and the Scatterlings fall over themselves in all directions scrambling to find moral compass with politically correct Word Weapons in order to cover and hide their victimhood in a shortcut to the (false) moral high ground…

Without Apartheid, ANC, SACP, DA and EFF are nothing, in a soon to be nothing country…


People are starting to see through the fog of propaganda as the harsh realities of collectivist oppression sets in. The days of easy black advantage with a race card are soon over…

As we saw in the recent UK general election, the leftist supremacist Labour party were unceremoniously dumped into the streets and all the big communists in London resigned… sadly, the cancer has spread so far that the traditional conservative parties are now also fully Marxist as can be seen in UK and France.

In South Africa it has lurched so far to the left, conservatives are labelled far right wing by the press and the general population are one the wiser…


Hopefully it will be initiatives like this that further open peoples eyes and stop the political wind from blowing in their favour so their unfair racist and biased playing field will be levelled…

Don Deon
SA-News.info / SAUK.co.za


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