South African Series Calls for Infighting Amongst Patriots to STOP!

Happy Independence day to our American listeners. This day only came as the result of a great war in which many perished. Although we are celebrating Independence today – it would appear that, all over the world, we are being divided by race, religion, political persuasion and any other means that the elite – who WANT to divide and conquer us, can think up to divert our attention from the things that really matter.

This article by Patrice Lewis from WND sums it up nicely:

On this weekend as we celebrate America’s independence, the facts are grim for how dependent we’ve become. As one example, in the 1970s one in 50 families received food stamps. Today it’s one in five. That’s is a ten-fold increase.Is America poorer than it was in 1776? Of course not. We’re richer, much richer. Then why are so many people dependent on government?Much of it has to do with how much we’ve permitted government to take over things that are none of its business. Our food, our water, our homes, our transportation, our businesses, our communication, our education, our money, our children, our health care and just about any other private and individual concern is now (mis)managed to a startling degree by the government. Our economy is being ruled, taxed, policied, czared and regulated to death … much of it without input from the citizens. Now answer me this: Was this how the Founding Fathers envisioned America?Of course not. When I look at how far this nation has departed from the ideals of the founders, it makes me want to weep. We’re becoming the land of the shackled and the home of the oppressed.Let’s face it, dependency is easy. It’s the lazy man’s way to do things. It’s the path of least resistance. But dependency breeds apathy, trashes a work ethic and corrupts the soul. And make no mistake, these factors – particularly apathy and a lack of work ethic – will take down this nation.

We are no longer independent, we are in a war – not declared and not of our making. And the tactics of those that want to rule us completely – are working.

Meanwhile the Slow War being suffered by the whites in SA goes on the back burner – this from Mike Smith’s political commentary

By Mike Smith

7th of July 2014

The Urban Dictionary defines a Slow War as a war that is only visible when the big pattern is revealed over time. If you could play the seemingly-isolated events of a Slow War in speeded-up time, its real nature would be visible.

A Slow War is the opposite of the Blitzkrieg. A war so slow that you hardly notice it. A war so slow that those waging it can deny that it is actually happening. Under the fog of war they hide it as “ordinary crime”. The end result is still the same as the Blitzkrieg. Total annihilation of the enemy.

War has changed a lot over the last 100 years or so. We have seen chemical warfare in WWI, Blitzkrieg in WWII, Nuclear War. Cold War, People’s War, to name but a few.

The Slow War is also a strategy of the USA against the world. Little steps at a time, ever coming closer to the goal of world domination. You see it in their war on drugs in South America, their involvement in Africa under “Africom”, their military bases strewn all over Europe, etc.

A microcosm of this is the Slow War against whites in South Africa.

If the whites were told 20 years ago that they would have to give 50% of their farms away to blacks, you probably would have had a war.

If white South Africans were told 20 years ago that their Afrikaans schools and universities would be forced to become English and taken over by blacks, you would have had war.

If you told Afrikaners 20 years ago that their language would disappear from television, you would have had a war.

If whites were told that they would be forced out of the civil service in their hundreds of thousands and replaced by incompetent blacks, you would have had war.

If you told whites 20 years ago that the names of all their towns and streets would be replaced with the names of Marxist terrorists, you would have had war.

If you killed 4000 white farmers en masse 20 years ago and robbed, raped, tortured and murdered another 40,000 whites in their homes, you would have had a war.

If you told whites 20 years ago that they would be handing their beautiful country over to incompetent thieving Marxist scum who would steal their tax money in the billions, you would have a war.

Yet all of this, and a lot more, happened in the 20 year reign of the ANC. Where is the war?

The war is one-sided and it is waged by a tyrannical regime against a 10% minority of the population in South Africa who is not fighting back, because they cannot see the war.

The most amazing part is that so many whites (mostly misanthropic liberals) refuse to acknowledge it. It is only a few right thinking whites who are able to speed the events of the last 20 years up and see it for what it really is.

The ultimate question is, “How do you fight against such a Slow War?”

I often get the other type of Slow War deniers. Those who say that, “Wait, when the time comes, we will fight. At the moment there is no fight yet.”

Exactly when is that time? These are the ones who do not even realize what kind of war is being waged upon them. They have not made the paradigm shift yet. They are still expecting a Boer War or Border War when the enemy has changed its tactics long ago.

Whilst the quicksand slowly sucks them under, they wait for some event where the black hordes will descend upon the whites and murder them in their thousands. An event that might never come. Meanwhile the slow war continues and one day they will wake up, look out the window and ask, “Where have all the white South Africans gone?”

In the last few weeks I have witnessed an incredible amount of time and energy being expended on fighting each other – instead of joining together and using that time and energy to fight the REAL enemy. In the cad of SA – the enemy is the socialist communist ANC – and in a broader picture – the enemy is the elites who want to rule the world and have us as there minions

Stewart Rhodes of the Oathkeepers posted

Stewart Rhodes: ”The realities are right in front of your face. This country is running out of time. To all Oathkeepers, hold an emergency summit in your state immediately. The time is now, do not waste another second.”
“United we stand, Stewart Rhodes calls on all Oathkeepers to hold the New York Veteran Patriot Emergency Summit in thier states. Organize communications, food, medical supplies… Prepare for the worst.”
“Now is the time to set up a emergency food fund in your community, this is very important.”

A fellow show host sent me this statement:

if we can’t let,go of our foolish pride, what individuals think etc. The new world,order is organised well funded and unified, we are dis organised, broke and cannot unify on a single issue.

The old motto of SA was Eendracht maakt macht – Unity is strength and we need to take that to heart and live by it – because there are so few of us whites, not only in SA, but world wide and we MUST stand together in order to create some sort of future for our children and grandchildren.

The infighting amongst all the groups – purportedly working for the same ends – is endless and I am shocked and horrified by some of the events of the past 10 days.

As a direct result of this fighting each other, a TRUE patriot who has done invaluable work in bringing the misery of the white SAfricans to the attention of the British and European Parliaments, has resigned and stepped back front he fight. Here is HER message


I decided this past week not to rise to the attacks. But today I wanted closure as I won’t allow this ridiculous unproductive toxicity in my life which ultimately affects my people and their struggle for safety and peace. My loyalty to white South Africa is undeniable. My work speaks for itself. It is all documented. I have sacrificed much to the cause because I believed in my people. But this past week has shown me that everything I valued and did for them was irrelevant to them. So now I pray that others can continue the struggle to help white South Africans find safety. I have come to the end of this dreadful road. I began this journey over 9 years ago. It consumed my life. I am now unemployable due to the vicious lies online about me. My family suffers through people’s lies. I would prefer to live my days out orating for my people hoping the others realise the damage they cause by infighting and cease such childish behaviour. I wish everyone well. May god bless each and every person trying to help the white South Africans and god bless our brothers and sisters living in daily fear of the real enemy – the ANC. Take care xx

Instead of doing this is THIS following article not what we should be concentrating on?

A Report That Appeared In A Washington USA Publication About A Murder Of A White Girl In South Africa
Minke Aucamp (18) A matric pupil from Springs on the East Rand died after an armed black murderer shot her in the face, in cold blood while on her way to friends to study for the matric exam.. Minke Aucamp (18) was hit in the mouth by the bullet which came out behind her neck.
Last night her school books were still lying on the dining room table, where she left them before starting the car, a small Hyundai Atos..
Her father Willie Aucamp, who is in a state of shock, said from their home in Laingsberg street in Eastvale, Springs, ” She was so young … they could have just taken the car, She was such a free spirit and always sang,” Aucamp said while pointing to her guitar, standing in the dining room.
She was their only child and a pupil at Dr. Johan Jurgens High School in Springs.”She planned to study technical drawing or event management next year. As she finally decided what she wanted to do.
“Her mother, Carol, said they waited ten years for Minke, and now their only child was dead.
Ally who was also at their home at the time said she heard her name with a scream, when she heard two shots.
Even in America people are killing each other for one reason or other, but in South Africa White people are being killed because of the color of their skin.
South African whites, which includes the Boer people of South Africa have been placed on the world Genocide watch. The problem is the worlds liberal press are not interested in spotlighting the horrific murders taking place right here in South Africa.
The last picture taken with her Mother Carol, Minki (18) was shot and killed for no reason.
This was just one of dozens of genocide murders and attacks over the past month, this one has been highlighted because the poor girl was so young, and could not harm anyone, yet killed for no reason other than ethnic cleansing. Usually about 80% of these Genocide murders are committed on the farms to older people who are also incapable of defending themselves

Ted Cruz
5 hrs ·
If you are like me and pay attention to the news every day, you can easily be overwhelmed by all the simultaneous events that seem to indicate an impending American decline. But I don’t believe that. Everywhere I go, I see it in their faces and hear it in their voices. Americans want to believe again.
On this July 4th, I want to share with you my hope for America.
In the summer of 1776, Patriots gathered to dissolve the political bonds they had with England and declare their independence. The bold call for independence presupposed that the colonists were equal in station to the British Empire. They listed their grievances as justification for the split.
The fifty-six signers from the thirteen colonies affixed their signatures to the document. It could only mean one thing – war. Indeed, the American Revolution came.
Today, we live out the Founder’s promise to America – that a free people pursuing their dreams would lead to limitless possibilities.
My father came to America from Cuba in 1957. He had very little money, and spoke little English. My Irish-Italian mother was the daughter of working class parents. Both my parents worked hard and were the first to graduate from college. In a single generation, their son became a United States Senator and now I am running for President of the United States. That could only happen in America.
What I understand is that story is not unique. Most Americans have a similar story in their family history.
These stories demonstrate how America is truly the land of limitless opportunity. The Fourth of July always reminds me of the opportunity America gave my family, and I ask myself, “What have I done today to ensure that same opportunity exists for future generations?” We’re an exceptional nation, and it is up to each of us to keep it that way.

Happy Fourth!



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