Listen to SA News respond to Cape Times / Star “racial profiling” accusation

SA News makes front page news when biased, deceptive and inflammatory leftist Cape Times tries to victimise and target SA News Facebook page.

Racial Profiling vs. Racism: Social Media

In an interview on PowerFM, “Neo” an SA NEWS page Admin, responds to Cape Times and Star articles published implicating race profiling on their page. Seventy Percent of racism cases investigated by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) come from social media. Octavia Anpfoanti, media law experts (Webber Wentzel also explains legality.:

Cape Times


Firstly, our page has a pic of ALL the SA flags INCLUDING the current one.
Secondly, mentioning the race of a perpetrator is not “profiling”, it is stating a relevant fact. This is especially important in cases of missing people or where people need to be aware of what to look out for to protect themselves in the crime, murder and rape capital of the world!

Does racial crime exist?

If yes, then it is a relevant fact in crime and the prevention thereof as well as safety of the citizens.

Not disclosing race allows dismissal, hiding and covering up of racial crimes and even genocide!


For 20 years the leftist mass media in SA have been using stock photo’s of white “perpetrators” even though the culprits are black. IS THAT NOT RACIAL PROFILING?
Trying to pretend a population group is responsible for crimes that it is not in the habit or tradition of committing, is tantamount to genocide! (Raping babies because the believe it cures aids or raping and murdering 85 year old women for a cellphone is something Europeans in South Africa simply do not do!)
The communist ANC and the far left have rewritten the rule books with politically correct social and media blackmail and with emotional coercion changed the perception of what is a fair and balanced playing field!

Could it be that “official media” like the Cape Times and Star broadsheets are SO controlled and legislated, that the only place where truth and the real position of people comes out is in social media?

Are mass media possibly desperate and jealous that they are being sidelined? It is well known they are a dying business worldwide. Are they fighting for survival and have as a result become complicit in enforcing unjust laws that they have to abide by?

Seriously! This from a country that willing and deliberately has racist laws excluding a portion of people from work, school, tertiary education, employment and business BASED ON THEIR RACE!!! Take the log out of your own eye first!

There is a serious fundamental problem!

Why are “Freeborns” more aggressive and violent and racist instead of the lovey dovey cuddly teddy bears Mandelism want them to be portrayed as? They do not read “white media”? Can it be that their own media is causing them to act out?

As regards the drivel report in Cape Times and Star: It is utterly pathetic and the most one-sided advertorial drivel I have ever read! Not a single one of the answers I provided the “journalist” hack, were included in the article. For the Cape Times to put it out on the front page above the fold, is incredulous and speaks volumes about them and their owners!

THIS ON THE DAY THAT THE ANC DECIDED TO KICK OUT THE ICC FROM SOUTH AFRICA, leaving all populations at risk of state sponsored genocide!

Not surprising then that there were comments on our page that Cape Times is worse than toilet paper.

Why did Mandela never appear in this putrid mass media and declare publicly that raping babies does NOT cure aids? ANY “moral” man would have been compelled to do that!

South Africa has been shoved and lurched so far left, that even traditional conservatism or “true democracy” is labelled far right…  it reveals a black supremacist agenda.

The SA News page acts as a counter balance to the madness that has taken place in the country. Sadly we are just volunteers doing it for no pay on our own time and data costs.

Just because you can suppress people and stop them from being able to exercise their freedom of speech on social media, with your fabricated laws, does not remove the underlying feelings and reasons for people having those feelings! You cannot legislate a problem out of existence, nor finger point it into submission.

Thinking that you can is pure Stalinist communism… how many million will be killed in SA?

Will the over 4,000 people that “like” our  SA News page be lined up and executed?

Seems modern day journalism revolves around trawling social media pages instead of getting out and finding real news about real people…



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