Don Deon Interviews Jack Sen, UKIP candidate suspended for speaking the truth

On Saturday 13th June at 2 pm CT – 9 pm SA time – Don Deon interviewed Jack Sen and discussed the recent UK General election, UKIP and immigration in UK, USA and the South African Genocide.

Jack Sen, UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for West Lancashire, has claimed that other governments have ignored “the ethnic cleansing” of people of European descent in South Africa.

When asked in the interview whether the “white South African” was under attack, Sen said this group had become “an endangered species”.

“It is being systemically hunted into extinction by a people we were told wanted to live in democratic harmony back in 1994,” the UKIP candidate said.

“Remember the Rainbow Nation propaganda campaign? Hard to reach that lofty ideal when people are being gunned down for sport from Joburg [Johannesburg] to Capetown. It’s still hunting season from what I can see.”

Sen added that the international community has “[ignored] the ethnic cleansing of the South African of European origin”.

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